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Welcome! I'm Jennifer, the owner & founder of Healing Redefined Holistic Wellness Center, holistic practitioner, and head nutrition nerd here at Healing Redefined.

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Medical Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a physician in matters relating to serious illness and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Medications – You should work closely with your physician to adjust medications as your body heals. Many of you will be able to say goodbye to “maintenance” medication forever but some will not.

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    1. I’ve been doing oil pulling with coconut oil for about 7 weeks and can’t imagine life without it. Just love it!!!!

  1. I haven’t been consistently doing oil pulling, but I hadn’t heard about the amalgams being a problem. Glad that I haven’t been doing it. I need to get them removed but finding the right dentist is not so easy. 🙁 I heard that the wrong dentist can really screw things up. (Sigh) So I procrastinate.

    1. There are so many food methods of detoxing that you should still be in good shape. I find dry brushing and detox baths to be two of the most effective. There are so many – yoga, sleep, meditation, real food, herbs, ferments, … – that it’s easy to further your health even if you have to skip some of them.

      Good luck with the dentist Jen. I completely understand. I have read some scary stories on it too. We can’t even find a true holistic dentist here for regular check ups. I can’t imagine trying to search for one that does amalgam removal. That may be something you want to search country-wide and plan a trip for. I’m sure it would be worth it.

    2. hi there, if you have a naturopath or know of a good one they should have info on the dentists in your area. that’s how i found mine! good luck, and please don’t put it off too long. 🙂

  2. I never heard about oil pulling before this post. This seems interesting method to clean your mouth with just the use of oil. I just want to know can we use this mehod just after our meal or not.

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  5. This looks super interesting and I really want to try it, but I have fillings. They are NOT the metal kind though. Can I still try oil pulling or is oil pulling with any fillings a bad idea?

    1. You can oil pull! I have a couple too. The problem with the metal fillings is that oil pulling pulls the dangerous mercury out of them, and it’s toxic to us. When those fillings are removed by a dentist, there is almost always decay under them. My thoughts are that oil pulling is very beneficial to those of us with composite fillings (the white ones) because the liquid can get into any spaces that bacteria does and flushes it out. Using an anti-microbial oil like coconut oil should also kill them. That’s my inexpert opinion. 🙂

  6. While I don’t have any fillings at all, I have read on other forums and discussions that it’s okay to do it with amalgams and even root canals.

  7. Only just found your blog so am having fun reading your old posts.

    I’ve been oil pulling for a few years, but have been really inconsistent with it. I have had quite a few arthritic aches and pains in various joints. And something I notice is that when I do oil pull diligently, the arthritis eases right up. When i slacken off, sure as anything the pain comes back. So now I’m making time to do it, because the benefits are very tangible for me.

    I’ve also noticed whiter teeth, fresher breath, and food doesnt seem to stick to my teeth as much. Interesting I find the sesame oil gives me the best white teeth – other oils don’t whiten as well.

    I do still have many amalgams (I reckon I had about 16 of them by the time i was 12!!). As the teeth need refilling I get composite resin or porcelain. No idea why I had such bad teeth as a kid. And of course as an adult I could have done better at taking care of them.

    I’m so glad I found oil pulling.

    1. Thanks Jane! I’m super happy you found oil pulling to be such a great natural remedy for you.

      Cavities are a result of nutritional deficiencies, mainly the fat soluble vitamins, A, D, and K2. I highly recommend this book: http://amzn.to/145ZrUf for learning more about the connection between tooth dysfunction and how to heal it. It’s amazing to watch them heal before your eyes!

    1. Nope. I chew it in my mouth until it melts. At first, it was pretty horrible with a pronounced gag reflex but I make sure to use less. You can easily melt it slightly on the stovetop if you need to.

      1. I didn’t even think about that – I guess it would melt in the mouth. Thanks! I tried it this morning for five minutes. Gonna work my way up to 20!

  8. I tried this for a week but I did it right before I went to bed. I just assumed that if I did it in the morning and then ate breakfast it might ruin the effects. And strangly enough I seemed to have more dreams when I did this. I think I’ll try it in the mornings for a while instead. Have you tried this in the evenings to see if there are any differences?

    1. You’re drawing bacteria out of your mouth, so eating after shouldn’t ruin the effects. You could always rinse with salt water after if you feel the need to reset the pH of your mouth.

      I haven’t noticed more dreams myself after oil pulling at night. Having more dreams could come from a couple of different sources – the increased blood and energy flow from the movement of swishing or a decrease in toxins are the most likely.

    1. Oil pulling should initiate only a gentle detox and helps to prevent infection, so I recommend it. Start with 3 times a week for the first 2-3 weeks and then move up to every day if you don’t notice any adverse effects.

  9. Hi there,
    I tried oil-pulling for many years. The theory seemed right (still does) but I had many fillings all replaced). The oil nonetheless got out everything artificial. So all that was left were large holes and small walls in-between. It wasn’t too long before any cracks in my teeth gave away, too.
    So I finally gave in for a much less intensive regime of a few drops of essential oils clove + wild oregano + peppermint in 1 Tbsp carrier oil … to get antimicrobial effects. I might yet go back!

    1. I haven’t found any contraindications, so I say just start slow unless you start noticing detox symptoms. If so, ease back or hold off until baby is here.

    1. Yep. For easier use, you can put it on the spoon with the oil before placing it in your mouth. Just be gentle when spitting and dispose of properly, so you don’t get it on your clothes. Charcoal can stain.

      I wouldn’t let that discourage you from using activated charcoal though. It has many wonderful uses.

  10. Hi Jennifer, I’ve been oil pulling for a week. It feels right! No difference yet in my mouth but my seasonal allergies were starting at that time, yet seem to have eased off. After a few minutes, my sinuses really declog and run into my throat. Is it ok to swallow this or better to spit out everything and start again? Seems like a waste of oil but if it’s really full of toxins I don’t mind.

    1. Definitely better to spit it out. You should try oil cleansing and lymph massage before you do it to see if it helps get the mucous moving before you start. It may save you some oil. 🙂

      If it doesn’t begin to resolve itself, it’s a possible indication that you are reacting to some of the foods that you eat so you may want to self-test it.

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  12. hi Jennifer, I’ve been oil pulling on & off for over a year now. I’ve added essential oils, but never thought of adding bentonite clay before. How much would you suggest?

    1. Absolutely. I use it in a pinch. Good quality olive oils have a yellow hue, so be sure to brush well afterward and I wouldn’t suggest using it as the sole oil.

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  14. Hi! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering, would it be okay to use the liquid coconut oil instead of the solid? I’ve already got the liquid on hand. I have been having awful pains due to sensitivity and can’t afford to see a dentist. Also, I have a few amalgam fillings and a stainless steel crown with a root canal under it, would you still recommend oil pulling? Thanks in advance!

    1. Fractionated coconut oil would work well. If your dental work is in any way loose (which is often the case with amalgams especially), oil pulling can loosen them further. If you can’t afford to see a dentist, I would personally avoid it. I would start with a diet change that removes the sugar and processed grains from your diet and start taking cod liver oil and Vitamin K2 to reverse the nutritional deficiencies that are causing your teeth problems. Fat soluble vitamins and minerals are going to be a very important addition to your diet!

      Best of luck!

  15. Hi Jennifer,

    i have got the white composite fillings a month back for 15 tooth even though i’m at my 25. i don’t want to get them more bad. can i do oil pulling every day does they effect my fillings? i have very sensitive teeth too, drinking cold or hot gives me light pain. please suggest best practices that i can do to save my teeth.

    1. I’m sorry for the delay in my reply! I was on maternity leave. I would suggest reading the book Cure Tooth Decay (affiliate link). There are many accounts of people who have healed their cavities and strengthened their teeth using the protocol from the book. Supplementing with minerals and fat soluble vitamins is another route you can go. I suggest Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) for an inexpensive and non-invasive way to test your mineral levels and rations.

      There is no guarantee on how you fillings will respond. Based on the results I have had with oil pulling, I personally oil pull with my composite fillings.

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