A Sneak Peek at My 7 Year Old’s New Temper Tantrum Cure

I’ve been super short on time lately, but I want to drop in to share the amazing progress I have made with Katie and a new healing modality. I have gone full on woo woo, folks. I have entered into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and taken a left turn into energy medicine. It combines […]

Revitalizing Essential Oil Soak for Moms

Revitalizing Essential Oil Soak for Moms

Sometimes, motherhood is Pinterest-worthy crafts in a clean(ish) home with enthralled and well-behaved children…and then, we have the other 355 days of the year. Motherhood is hard. It’s the most amazing and rewarding experience I have ever had, but it’s really hard. Those unshowered days that come with piles of dirty dishes, Mt. Washmore, and […]

How I’m Surviving Pregnancy with 5 Essential Oils

How I'm Surviving Pregnancy with 5 Essential Oils (vertical)

Once upon a time, there was a woman for whom pregnancy was a magical time. Glowing and smiling, she enjoyed every minute of her growing belly, slept well, and never had a stretch mark. Bahahahahahaha. :ahem: Sorry. I don’t know those people, so we’ll talk about the rest of us. Insomnia, heartburn, acne, mood swings, nausea, round ligament […]

Essential Oil Use Is Getting a Makeover

Essentail Oils Are getting a Makeover

  What if you could learn about and use essential oils without getting sucked into the Internet hype? I’ve been working very hard to build a team of practitioners skilled in the safe and therapeutic use of essentials oils, because we want to help you feel better and we want to do it safely. I also […]

How I Use Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is the essential oil I recommend most when people come to me for suggestions. It is the most well-rounded oil for supporting the body. Have a scrape? Use Lavender oil. It helps to support the immune system. Bug bite? This study suggests that it may inhibit the release of histamine. Kid climbing the walls? LAVENDER […]

Castor Oil Packs for Detoxification, Allergies, and Liver Health

Castor Oil Packs for Detoxification, Allergies, and Liver Health

Once upon a time, I found a magic remedy that was easy for anyone to do and made me look like a superhero healer. It also made me feel like a million bucks and got rid of my dark under eye circles. Though nobody with a chronic illness lives happily ever after with a single remedy, castor […]

Reversing Diabetes World Summit

Can you imagine what it would feel like to help yourself, mom, dad, husband (or wife) reverse Type 2 diabetes? I can tell you firsthand that it feels pretty amazing. I helped my husband reverse his diagnosis before I knew anything about holistic medicine. His blood test results show that he is no longer hyperglycemic; […]

Health Benefits of Earthing

Health Benefits of Earthing

Note from Jennifer: This post comes from contributing writer, Paisley Hansen. She does a great job of bringing to light health practices that are easy, low cost, and can have a significant impact on overall health and chronic symptoms. Earthing, also known as grounding, refers to having physical barefoot or bare skin contact with actual […]

Improve Sleep – and endocrine function – with These Essential Oils

I’m one of those fancy schmancy people who loves the symphony. All of the instruments playing together making beautiful music. Can you imagine if there was a rogue cellist who started playing We Will Rock You in the middle of a Mozart concerto? Chaos. Other members of the orchestra would eventually fall out of time […]