Welcome to our series on healing food allergies and chronic illnesses through Real Food and a less toxic lifestyle. We will take it one Baby Step at a time to make the transition less intimidating and more sustainable.

If you need to heal from an illness or are looking for overall better health, you have come to the right place!

Baby Steps to Better Health

Join us on this journey and follow your path to whole health.

Here is what we have covered so far:

Making a List of Your Symptoms
What to Expect 

Baby Step # 1 |Unrefined Salt|
Recipe: All-Purpose Scrub 2.0

Baby Step # 2 |Detox Baths|
Detox Baths: Recipes to Calm the Inner Beast and Whiny Children

Baby Step # 3 |Create Real Food Recipes|
It’s Time for a Chili Makeover! A Real Food Recipe

Baby Step # 4 |Fats|
Roasted Beet and Arugula Salad: A Recipe from Go Grain-free

Baby Step # 5 |Broth|
A Chicken Broth Recipe: Allergy-Style

Baby Step # 6 |Real Food Supplements|
Cod Liver Oil
Whole Food Vitamin C
Vitamin K2 (Dr. Price’s Activator X)

Baby Step # 7 |One Grain-Free Meal|

Photo Credit: Sam Howzit