Saturday-Sunday, april 17 & 18, 2021

USUI/HOLY FIRE III® Reiki II Certification COURSE (becoming reiki)

Dates: Saturday, April 17 10:00-6:00 EDT
Sunday, April 18 10:00-6:00 EDT
Price: $249 and includes workbook and snacks; No refunds can be given on cancelled classes, but payment can be used toward future classes.
This class is for you if you want to become certified in Reiki II (Okuden) or if you already are certified and want to take your Reiki practice deeper. Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki II will instruct you in the hands-on treatments of others, the use of symbols, and take your journey into enlightenment even further.

If you have previously taken Reiki II, you may feel like you’re not quite where you thought you’d be after becoming certified in Reiki. Life still feels harder than it should. You might be questioning your ability to channel Reiki effectively. Your class(es) were probably just a few hours or bound together in a single whirlwind weekend, and you left a little lost. Let’s let Reiki be about your journey this time. If you’re ready to upgrade your skills and build a supportive community, this class is for you.
You’ll be certified in the traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho and take things to the next level with the addition of Holy Fire III® Reiki. Free monthly private advanced instruction events and get togethers are included with all levels. Classroom instruction, in-class demo, and your 170+ page workbook will guide you through both self treatments and treating others.

Holy Fire III® is an incredible upgrade created by William Rand and is being spread the world over thanks to how pure and powerful the energy is. Attunements are replaced with placements and the upgrade is felt immediately. You’ll come away feeling lighter and more clear and your ability to channel Reiki and your unique gifts will increase dramatically! I’ll share my story with it during class.

Let Reiki empower you to go deeper. Find your higher self and shed the things, ideas, and situations that no longer serve you. These are the roadblocks that prevent you from becoming your best self, the ‘better’ you that seems just out of reach (hint: you’re already that person!). Let your inner guidance clear discord and dis-ease patterns from your life.

From Jennifer –

My passion, mission, and gifts are here to guide you on your healing journey and to show you that your strength is lying just below the surface. We’ll introduce and build on the self-care techniques taught in Reiki I to protect from negative people and self-defeating thoughts, clear energetic discord & create balance, and you’ll be guided throughout in receiving and adjusting to the increased flow of Reiki. You’ll feel the difference on Day 1!

I’m excited to share this journey with you. ❤