Saturday-Sunday, January 23-24, 2021 + SATURDAY-SUNDAY, JANUARY 30-31, 2021

USUI/HOLY FIRE III® Reiki master Certification COURSE (shinpiden)


Expand further into your Soul Journey. Becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner is about sacred surrender and a reverent respect for your True Self and the True Self of all others. Are you ready to commit to the process of re-membering your Highest Self? Reiki Masters can be incredible intermediaries between humanity and the Divine. A true Reiki Master requires the bravery to break yourself open to re-member Who You Are and to step through the veil. Through the process of releasing ego judgements, attachments, expectations, and healing our wounds, we become free. ‘Clearing your river’ at this level allows you to surrender into a new way of being and doing, one that embraces flow and recreates who you know yourself to be.


Ultimate surrender to God’s plan for you is a lifelong process and Reiki Ryoho gives you one of the most powerful tools to carry you through this path. This class is a 4 day workshop designed to begin the journey and take you immeasurably deeper into yourself. It is a powerful upgrade that will help you unlock even greater gifts of your healer self and continue to develop the gifts you’re already aware of. Grow your powerful inner healer, and let the wisdom of Reiki be your guide.


January 23-24 10:00 am-7:00 pm EST


January 30-31 10:00am-6:30 pm EST

$988 – 4 day workshop, includes 182 page workbook and in-class snacks


— Teacher training is a separate guided mentorship that follows this class if you choose to pass on the Reiki Ryoho teachings to others. Please let me know if and when you’re ready for that step, and I will be delighted to help you create a foundation for your own teaching practice!