Saturday-Sunday, July 11-12, 2020

Usui/Cleansing Fire Reiki Level I Certification (shoden)

Let Reiki be your guide to an empowered and fulfilled life. Find and strengthen the connection to your life’s purpose. Taught by Jennifer Nervo, Reiki Master Teacher, this course may be your most powerful tool to create the life you’re meant to live.

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Saturday, July 11 10:00-6:00 EDT

Sunday, July 12 10:00-6:00 EDT


Snacks and 170+ page workbook provided.

Get certified as a Reiki I Practitioner and go deeper into your personal healing journey. During this 2 day in-depth course, learn to tune into your power to heal and gain skills that will create incredibly positive shifts your life. You’ll begin to connect to Reiki (Divine life force energy*) on Day 1 through a reiju (commonly called attunements) that ‘turns on’ and refine this unique healing energy.
* Reiki is not a religious practice but can enhance your spiritual beliefs.
You can also offer reiki treatments to others (including plants and animals) for personal use upon course completion. Classroom instruction, in-class demonstration and exercises, and your workbook will guide you through both self treatments and treating others.
Learn how Reiki will empower you to find your inner guidance and help you shed ideas, thoughts, patterns, and situations that no longer serve you. These are the roadblocks that prevent you from becoming your best self, the wished for you that seems just out of reach (hint: you’re on a journey to remember Who You Are). Let your inner guidance clear discord and dis-ease patterns from your life.
My passion, mission, and gifts are here to guide you on your healing journey and to show you that your strength is lying just below the surface. We’ll introduce self-care techniques to protect from negative people and self-defeating thoughts, clear energetic discord & create balance, and you’ll be guided throughout in receiving and adjusting to the flow of Reiki. You’ll feel the difference by the end of Day 1!
This course will help to make you a clear conduit for the Reiki energy and prepare you to receive the Cleansing Fire reiju and deepen your journey into Level II Reiki (Okuden).
* * * Access to the private Facebook group and monthly Reiki API events are included with each certification. [API=Attunement & Practical Instruction] * * * #community