Boost Your Immune System in 15 Seconds: How To Thump Your Thymus

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Welcome! I'm Jennifer, the owner & founder of Healing Redefined Holistic Wellness Center, holistic practitioner, and head nutrition nerd here at Healing Redefined.

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Medical Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a physician in matters relating to serious illness and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Medications – You should work closely with your physician to adjust medications as your body heals. Many of you will be able to say goodbye to “maintenance” medication forever but some will not.

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    1. Great info……I would add, look up Inula…not many people know about is an amazing essential oil…. I mix it with Eucalyptus….in an inhaler and in a spray bottle…They do amazing things for me…My weak area is my lungs…..Never smoked..but mom, dad and x did..I added up 36 years of second hand smoke…. I run 3 miles (well did..foot issue I take my home made inhaler with me and no issue running..

  1. Learned about this technique through Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine. She has a five minute energy routine to do daily that strengthens your body. I think there are YouTube videos too.

  2. GOing to give this a try!!! I have had fibromyalgia for over 15 years. One of the first symptoms I noticed was a deep ache and sense of fatigue located at this spot. When I went to the doctors they checked my heart and said everything was fine and that I just deeded to relax. Kind of how most of the medical field has treated me over the last 15 years …..

    1. I can sympathize with trying to see a doctor for a chronic illness. All my tests came out normal and there was never anything wrong no matter what symptoms I had. We are helpless no more Carol!

      If the area around your thymus is still sore, you can begin by rubbing the area instead of thumping until the area is no longer painful and then move to thumping as the congestion releases over time.

      Keep at this daily for a few weeks and pay attention to how you feel. I have a feeling that this will be helpful for you.

  3. Is this ok to do on kids – I am determined to try extra hard this year to keep our immune systems in good shape through the winter months – we don’t get sick often, but not getting sick at all would be even better :-).

  4. When I had a chest cold several months ago I actually started doing this very thing! I didn’t do it because of any knowledge I had regarding the thymus, but because I thought it might help with the heavy congested feeling I had. It really did help!! Of course, I did feel a little like a gorilla. 😉 Funny to learn now that the vibrations to help loosen the phlegm, help to stimulate my immune system too!

    1. Thanks for adding that! I didn’t even think about all of the indigenous tribes who include it in their war dances. Another example of the inner wisdom of our ancestors.

  5. When I had my thyroid out due to thyroid cancer, the surgeon discovered that what they thought was a nodule was actually my thymus UNDER my thyroid (ie- it was not where it’s supposed to be). Will this still work for me? I’m guessing it will, since the vibrations in the chest affect the thymus.

  6. Interesting how we instinctively pat babies all the time, and sick children, or when we’re putting them to bed. When my oldest daughter (who was born 7 weeks early) was little she always insisted on being patted to sleep. Glad I humored her. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

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  8. I learned this exact exercise in a Qugong course. I have not been repeating it this many times. Excited to see what happens!

    1. David, if you have amalgam fillings in your teeth, look in to getting them removed. My dentist has seen advanced MS go away with this treatment multiple times.

      1. David, just make sure you get a dentist who is trained in how to do it, not just willing (that can be really dangerous).

      1. It really depends on what’s wrong with it. I would recommend seeing someone to determine if it’s thymus, muscle, bone, tendon, esophagus/trachea, heart, or even lung. They’re all in the same general location. If it is thymus, a scan to be sure there isn’t anything wrong with the physical structure would be recommended and immune support is always beneficial and my first action. It’s not usually a part of the body that we feel pain in, so pain or enlargement would cause concern for me.

  9. This is a Sahaja Yoga practice. I have been using this for nearly fifteen years and can advise that the above information is spot on! It really does work. It’s great to see this knowledge finding its way into the main stream.

    1. I would avoid manual stimulation to the thymus area and work on ways to balance your body to reduce the hyperactivity. Thankfully, there is so much you can do to put autoimmune diseases in remission these days!

      1. Dear Jennifer, thanks for all useful info.
        Can you please suggest what exactly can be done to put autoimmune diseases in remission ?

        1. It is a bit different for everyone, but I highly recommend starting out with reading and following the Paleo Approach. It is very comprehensive and is very similar to where I start all of my autoimmune clients. You can read my review of it here.

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  11. I’ve been doing this for a little while now, nightly, and I do think it really makes me feel better!

    Also, to add to the anthropological musings here, Catholics strike their chest 3 times during a particular prayer aimed at forgiveness/renewal/strength. Seems pretty interesting in the context of the thymus!

      1. It’s called The Confiteor (Latin for I Confess). It’s almost always said at daily Catholic Mass. That said, I Confess I had to look up the name of this prayer that I recite daily 😉

  12. I’m sure tapping has nice benefits. The Chinese practice of Do In is all about that. The thymus involutes by the time we’re 15 or so and all of it beautiful immune cells have matured and gone to their homes elsewhere in the body. I love energy work and yoga, but the idea that thymus thumping affects thymus function is pretty unlikely. It could be a good placebo though.

    1. They thymus gland still functions into adulthood and is a working part of our immune system, though its use does fall off as we age. There are studies currently running that confirms that stimulation of the thymus gland in adults increases the rate of T-cell maturation.

    1. That can be an indication of a chronic virus or bacterial infection that the body has been trying to fight off. You can also rub it instead for a few days to see if the pain lessens.

  13. I had my thymus gland removed with a thymoma. How does your immune information apply to me? Do I have any immune protection? If so, from where?

    1. Thymus thumping won’t apply to you, since you are unable to stimulate the gland. It’s estimated that 60-90% of our immune system is located within the digestive tract. Thymus thumping can be helpful to boost your immune system temporarily, but focusing on the gut is the way to go for the bulk of immune health.

      You can look at my series on healing digestion HERE for more information.

  14. I’m 71. I’ve been diagnosed with Mono. Not a teenage disease however they said it was an “old case” I’ve had it for a long time. I had lymph nodes removed under my arm in a surgery 2 years ago (not my choice-they just did it as a “precaution”) and I am thinking that has compromised my immune system. I’ve been dealing with lymphodema as a result. I will try thumping. Any further thoughts or techniques you can suggest?

    1. I had mono recur 3 times myself as an adult before I began my healing journey. Not fun at all.

      It sounds like you have multiple layers of system dysfunction like many of us on a holistic wellness journey. I would start with healing digestion. Because most of our immune system is in the gut and we can’t heal without nutrients, it’s the most important place to start. Gut healing and essential oil support are my go-to methods for anyone dealing with chronic or ‘old’ illnesses.

  15. One of our favorite therapies is thumping the thymus gland with our
    ultrasound magnetic pulser. The intense vibrations can be quite scary at first, however it is quite harmless as these are only mechanical vibrations.

  16. Thank you for this info. I have always patted myself and children in this area, but never thought about why it was so instinctive. We rarely ever had colds and never got the flu. Now I understand why. Again, thanks.

  17. I just read in Nexus Magazine about Thymus stimulation how inert gas breathing greatly stimulated rejuvination of Thymus. I have heard of thumping I will apply my NovaSonic intrasound tool for stimulation as well as pulsed magnetic therapy & other science yet to purchase as audio tracks. Visualisation is a great tool. Thank your thymus for being in perfect health daily. Eating a clean sourced Thymus gland from animal. I asked about Buffalow, he told me it is quite small. Then mad cow disease was in News. Desicated liver is said to be a fair source for Organ nutrients. Though I heard the old Farmers dried Thymus from there cattle like a Jerky ate it & prevented colds while working in the cold winter Barnes. Alternative health care is for the wise take charge non sheople of us foke able to use our frontal lobes to use focus & logic to make wise choices. The rest are just cattle for the A.M.A. stock market selling patent money making 20% symptom reducing toxins Drug means retard & or reduce a symptom, never treat the cause. But the cattle sheep love attention from Dr.ImakeMoney, Dr.Katchinga, & the specialist Dr.Bendover. ignorance is bliss & Americans choose bliss..

  18. What if the thumping of the Thymus gland helps it to enlarge and then the anti bodies attack the body and the person ends up with Myasthenia Gravis?

    1. Thumping the thymus alone won’t cause autoimmunity. It’s not that powerful. For someone who is already dealing with autoimmunity, they should be working with a knowledgable practitioner who can help them navigate resetting the immune system.

    1. I’m sorry but I’m not able to tell you without knowing more about you and your health history. It could be exacerbating some chronic inflammation, clearing and detoxifying mucous or debris from your lungs, releasing blocked energy in your heart chakra, or even a symptom of a heart condition. I would follow up with a holistic wellness practitioner who can do a full health history and work up and help you pinpoint the issue. Best of luck!

  19. When you say drink the tonic within 10-15 minutes, do you mean within 15 minutes or slowly drink it so it takes you at least 10 minutes, no longer than 15. I kind of chugged it and i’m feeling it 🙂

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