Homemade Tooth Powder

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  1. I was wondering if you could replace the Celtic sea salt with Redmond's Salt seeing that I have the Celtic sea salt but it's the wet course ground and I don't want to grind "1 part" to add to tooth powder. Or does the sea salt have a special purpose?

  2. You can definitely swap out the sea salt for any other salt. I find Celtic sea salt tastes the best to us, so that's what I use. The salt is mainly for an abrasive but I also like to add it for the extra minerals and it makes the clay a little less bland.

  3. I’ve been searching for a recipe and hoping I can stick to a more natural “tooth paste”. I have decided not to buy any of the so-called natural toothpastes from the store because of the glycerin in the ingredients. Thank you

  4. Hi there, AWESOME & thanks for sharing!
    Just thinking maybe a mention to be careful with essential oil choice if breastfeeding or pregnant? I think clove oil needs to be avoided in pregnancy?

    1. That’s a good point Mish. Any dealing with serious medical conditions or is pregnant and/or nursing should check contraindications of essential oils before using them.

    1. Saph, I love the addition of ginger. It sounds like a good way to wake up your mouth in the morning! Depending on the efficacy of the powder, it would also be cleansing and stimulating to the gums.

      1. Hmm, thanks for the reminder. Forgot about that fact. I probably actually need to get some fresh ginger powder. The one in our cupboards is pretty old.

  5. Hi, this looks great! Any ideas on how to fly with this tooth powder. Since often powders are frowned upon when flying?

    1. Good question! You should have no problem as long as it is in your checked baggage and not your carry-on. If you need to carry any with you, I would contact TSA directly and ask them about the size limitations. They should allow a small amount in a carry-on.

  6. Just made this for the first time today! I really like it! Thanks for sharing this recipe with us! My mouth has never felt fresher! I hated that minty sweet film regular toothpaste left, so it’s nice to leave that, along with all those chemicals, behind!

    I went ahead and took some creative liberties with my mix. I’m starting in small batches to see what I like. I generously added ground cinnamon and clove spices in place of essential oils, and I love the flavor!! I may have to add some ginger too as another reader suggested! I have sensitive gums so I ground the salt into a powder with my mortar and pestle. It was still too harsh so I will have to either cut back on the salt or cut it out entirely for my next batches. I also want to try and make it into paste by mixing the powder into some virgin coconut oil! We’ll see how it goes!


    1. I love your additions to the recipe Kristen! I have done the same thing when I get bored with the base recipe. Having fun with it is the best part of making your own. If you are working on a nutrient-dense healing protocol that focuses on the fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K2, your gum sensitivities should disappear over time. You can definitely leave the salt out for now. I would also look into oil pulling for gum health (20somethingallergies.com/oil-pulling-how-to-guide/).

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