I Have an Autoimmune Disease

Allergies are often a precursor to autoimmunity. I have flirted with it all my life thanks to lifelong undiagnosed food allergies, chronic fatigue, food addictions, and constant inflammation. But those symptoms were all disappearing. All the hard work was paying off. And then I got pregnant. Pregnancy is rough on a mama’s body, y’all. When you have […]

How To Get the Biggest Health Benefits from Fruits and Veggies

How To Get the Biggest Health Benefits from Fruits and Veggies

Note from Jennifer: Now that most of us are enjoying summer produce, it’s a great time to visit a local farmers’ market or grow your own. Paisley is here to share a little insight into why local is so much better than grocery store organic. Why You Need to Eat Fruits and Vegetables That Are In Season […]

The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol: Could This Be IT?

Always listen to your instinct, right? For the past few weeks, the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol and I have crossed paths pretty regularly. Since I don’t have an autoimmune disorder, I didn’t pay much attention and filed the idea away for future client use. And then this happened…

Do You Need to Break Up with Coffee? 5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Energy

The alarm goes off. Exhausted, you crawl out of bed and stumble to the kitchen. Once that first jolt of java hits your brain, life begins again and allows you to merrily go about your day. Sound familiar? If you have blood sugar fluctuations, adrenal fatigue (hypofunction), anxiety, or high blood pressure, coffee is not […]

Stress-Relieving Chai Tea with Adaptogenic Herbs

Note from Jennifer: Today, I’m excited to take you to the world of herbs. I am still a babe in the woods when it comes to plant medicine, so I’m going to let Faith from the Nourishing Herbalist tell you more about adaptogenic herbs. She’ll also show you how to use them in a delicious […]

5 Ways to Naturally Treat a Yeast Infection

Early in life, I learned that yeast infections were a part of womanhood. Something that many women get on a regular basis and required treatment either by prescription or a white box from the drug store. …a horribly embarrassing white box that contains a turkey baster mess of epic proportions. Who came up with that […]

3 Minutes of Laughter Therapy: a Prescription from Your Witch Doctor

We talk about a lot of big, heavy topics here at 20 something allergies, but healing requires happiness, laughter, and . According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver holds anger. Natural detoxification releases liver toxins, and often a flood of overwhelming emotions that aren’t often addressed in a traditional holistic healing protocol. A merry heart […]

How Neuroplasticity Healed My Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Note from Jennifer: Libby Louer has graciously agreed to share with us how she healed her multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) using neuroplasticity. Though other healing modalities like nutrient supplementation are necessary for whole health healing, the brain is an integral part of overcoming chronic illness. I love sharing new alternative healing therapies with you! How Neuroplasticity […]

Boost Your Immune System in 15 Seconds: How To Thump Your Thymus

Boost Your Immune System: How To Thump Your Thymus

We’ve already discussed how your eyes can show the state of your adrenal glands and that your pulse can be used to find allergies. Let’s take a look another look into the amazing things that your body can do and learn how to boost its innate immunity.