!Giveaway! French Olive-Wood Handcrafted Salt Cellar + 1 pound of Celtic Sea Salt

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  1. Love the salt cellar – regularly use Celtic sea salt and I don’t have a nice cellar just a small jar – so I’d love this cellar

  2. I love Himalayan salt. And do not have proper storage for it. Would love to win this salt cellar.

  3. I am a relative newbie to the salt world having used only sea salt but would love to try the Himalayan!

  4. Thanks for the giveways! I like Himalayan for bringing out flavors in certain recipes and celtic is the ‘go-to’ salt

  5. This would be wonderful to have! I have never heard of Celtic Sea Salt, but would love to try it!

  6. I already subscribe to this fabulous blog. I love the color of salt cellar that is on your page – it is classic. I use Real Salt but would love to branch out and try some new ones especially a “finishing” salt.

  7. I already subscribe to your website. I love Real Salt for everyday use, but I’ve been known to put Himalayan Crystal salt on my Christmas and birthday lists. :->

  8. We love Celtic Sea Salt. But I think I’m going to try the pink Himalayan salt out.
    I subscribe to your newsletter also.

  9. I have recently started to try out quality salts. I have only tried Real Salt and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. I would LOVE to try the Celtic Salt. I learned about this giveaway through your newsletter and I am excited to see more info on salts since I am a newbie to it. No preference on color 🙂

  10. I’ve always used pink Himalayan salt, but for some reason I have yet to try Celtic salt. This salt cellar is beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  11. I use both the celtic sea salt and the pink Himalayan salt. I like to change it up. I just signed up for your newsletter.

  12. My favorite is definitely Celtic sea salt. I should make myself try some other varieties though to switch things up!

  13. I would consider myself a salt rookie. I have only tried Celtic Sea Salt because I think if you find something that’s good why change? I have been tempted to try Himalayan though.

  14. I am a salt rookie so I don’t even know the difference between salts yet! Excited to learn more 😀

  15. I use Celtic Sea salt EVERY DAY and have been wanting a little salt box since I gifted one to a professor several years back!

  16. I use Real Salt & I love it! I have yet to try Celtic or Himalayan varieties, but I hear lots of good things about them. And that salt cellar is beautiful!

  17. Real Salt is mined just south of me; it’s my favorite! I enjoy your newsletters- thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I need this salt cellar even though I am a salt rookie….I love the look of the pink himalayan & have always wanted to try it!

  19. I subscribe to your site now! (glad I found you).

    I don’t understand the Rafflecopter question about choosing a color given that there is only one color (the wood itself) and that no one else seems to be answering that question.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the question confusion! I want the uh…wood color. lol

      There was an error when I created the giveaway, but it’s all fixed now.

  20. I use both Celtic and Himalayan, so it depends on what I’m using it for. Celtic for my lacto-fermenting, and Himalayan to season my food prior to eating. Cheers

  21. Yesterday, had to break the excellent grey sea salt apart and put it into a hand salt grinder…they seem eternally better. Like dipping my fingers in the salt and sprinkling it around. Note: been using my Grandmother’s silver cream and sugar bowls–they are just cute and the handles help from slipping out of my fingers. Thanks for website.

  22. I use both sea salt and himalayan salt for variety but I think himalayan is my fav because it’s pretty to sprinkle the pink salt on food.

  23. Currently, I am using Hawaiian red salt, but the Celtic is my favorite. And, I have already subscribed to your newsletter.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. We love Celtic and Himalayan and this would be a beautiful piece. I recently acquired some pecan wood to make bowls and utensils. This would be a great complimentary piece.

    1. How lovely to be able to make them yourself! There are some beautiful handcrafted wood pieces at our farmers’ market, and I can’t help but pick up a piece here and there from the artisans.

  25. I like Celtic Sea Salt but also use Real Salt. I have yet to try Himalayan but would like to look into it more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Hi Jennifer,
    I am new to your blog and absolutely love it, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. I am a unrefined salt rookie and recently started receiving your newsletters. I would love to try any unrefined salt!

  27. I am new to using “fancy” salts, but have seen this in many cooking catalogs and have wanted one for a while! I have signed up for your newsletter and am looking forward to the infodrmation provided.

  28. I’m pretty much a “salt rookie”. I have started using Himalayan Pink Sea Salt lately, and I love it. I am already signed up for the newsletters!

  29. I use celtic salt all the time. Love Hymalayan too. Each on does have it’s particular flavor, it’s amazing.

  30. Definitely a real salt rookie. I eat college food, so I don’t add salt to anything. I use Celtic sea salt in my homemade tooth powder, though, since that is what was available when I bought some. I have tried Real Salt and I really like that.

  31. I love the color of the Olive wood and love Celtic salt but is rather difficult to find in stores here.

  32. I am already receiving your newsletter. I am somewhat new to unprocessed salt. I currently use Real Salt, but want to try others. Some are just so stinking expensive & I’m not really sure what some of the specialty ones should be used for. Our Whole Foods has a wonderful bulk selection! The salt cellar is beautiful & would look nice by my stove (& would be very handy too!)

  33. I am fairly new to the salt realm, but became inspired by the baby steps newsletter I received a couple months ago. So far, I have tried Himalayan and have been pleased. 🙂 I would love this beautiful cellar to keep my salt in…sure beats the bag I have it in now!

  34. I use Celtic sea salt most of the time, but I also like Himalayan. I am not a fan of real salt. I would love to win the giveaway, but just in case I put the salt keeper on my wish list. It’s gorgeous!

  35. I like the lighter color – it would look better in my kitchen. And I love salt, but don’t know much about the different varieties. Sea Salt is all I have tried, other than regular table salt.

    1. There is only one color choice – wood. 🙂 Each piece is individual and will have slight variations based on the tree it came from. That’s my favorite part!

      If you want to learn more about salt and the importance of unrefined salt, here’s an article: http://www.20somethingallergies.com/healing-chronic-illness-baby-step-1-unrefined-salt/. The best way to learn about the varieties is to try them out! Food should always be fun. Find a specialty store that sells them or start poking around online and try a few to see what you like. Your body will tell you what it prefers by how much you like the taste of each.

  36. I love Real Salt, to the point that I add it to my water. For some reason, my water tastes much better with a bit of salt in it!

  37. I’m pretty new at the whole unrefined salt thing, but I just ordered myself a bunch of Himalayan pink salt – I’m excited!

  38. I would classify myself as a salt rookie. I buy unrefined sea salt when I find it in the grocery store (not often) but really know very little about the various types. Thanks for the opportunity to win the lovely salt cellar with a little something to put in it.

  39. I signed up for the newsletter in two places. I want this salt box so much! I would love to put in it some pretty pink Himalayan or RealSalt. Thanks for the contest.

  40. absolutely gorgeous salt cellar. right now my favorite is celtic salt, but planning to try himalayan soon.

  41. I have read that himalayan salt is good for digestive issues. The salt cellar is just a bonus to trying the salt for my tummy.

  42. I use all three. Real Salt is my favorite for sprinkling on food. Celtic is my favorite for use in recipes. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  43. I am just beginning to explore the world of salt- I always use sea salt, but found some Hawaiian salt that was wonderful as well. Would LOVE to try the Celtic salt. I had no idea unrefined salt could be so beneficial and delicious. That is a really beautiful salt cellar- It would make using the salt even more delightful.

  44. I’m sort of a sea salt rookie. . . I know I like what the grocery store calls sea salt, but have no knowledge about its origins. The salt cellar is a perfect size and is gorgeous! And I can’t wait to start receiving your newsletter.

  45. this is beautiful! we mostly use Real Salt 🙂 but by the stove i also have Celtic Sea salt, Red Alaea salt and also Sel de Rose by Golden Fig (ah, heaven!!). the Celtic salt is the only one without a “special” container 😀 thanks for your giveaways!!!

  46. I love unrefined salt of any kind, but I usually get Celtic Sea Salt. Here in Australia we have Murray River Salt, have you heard of it? It’s a pretty pink colour, like the Himalayan.

  47. Im new to all this stuff, but I have so many Health problems. The Doctors just seem to be making it worse, take this, and then have to take that to counter act the first. I need help!

  48. I need help, Im new to this stuff. I have so many Health problems, and the Doctors don’t seem to be making it any better. Here take this pill, oh you have a reaction to that take this with it. Im so tired of being sick. Help me!

    1. Hi Jodi. I’m glad you have come to holistic healing for help. I am not accepting clients at this time for nutritional therapy, but I suggest starting with my Baby Steps program (20somethingallergies.com/baby-steps-to-better-health/) to get started. It will give you a good base and you can access my other posts for further healing information. They are all accessible through my website.

  49. I am a bit of a real salt rookie, but so far I love the pink Himalayan salt. I would love to know if there’s a better alternative. I would also love to win this salt cellar! Thanks!

  50. I’m a newbie to switching out salts. Not sure which one to try. I am already subscribed to the newsletter.

  51. I am kind of a salt junkie–it’s hard to resist. I’ve tried lots of different salt, but I think my favorite is real salt because it’s colorful and easy to pour. It seems to cake less than others, but that’s not such a big deal if you use a salt mill.

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