Healing Food Allergies & Chronic Illnesses: Baby Step # 1 |Unrefined Salt|

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  1. Love this. In my youth I would always pass on the salt and butter because I thought both were so bad. Now I’m a salting maniac. I like to use Real Salt brand (especially because they are a local company)… it’s another great choice for people looking for real salt with all the goodness that comes with it.

    Love this series!

    1. Robin, I’m glad you have come back to salt and butter! I still go overboard on the salt some days, but I am starting to level back out now. I have noticed that Miss Katie does not have voracious salt cravings anymore, and I’m so excited to see another layer of health achieved! I think ours is attached to adrenal fatigue, so this is a big step.

      It’s very cool that you have such a great local company as Real Salt. Local is a big thing for us too.

  2. I myself prefer sea salt from France. Specifically, Sel de Guerande. Much better tasting than the Baleine Sel you can buy locally at Meijer. Whenever someone I know travels, i always ask ’em to bring me some Sel!!!!!

    1. Dorothy, I’ll make sure hubby gets some French salt samples for me while he’s in Italy this fall. Thanks for the tip! I’ll call you over to taste test with me. 🙂

  3. Great article…just ordered the Celtic sea salt in the fine grind because I’m spoiled and lazy!
    My taste buds will give you some feedback when it arrives.

    1. The fine grind is the way to go if your budget allows for it. We’re always rearranging pennies to get the best quality foods we can afford, so this is one way I cut corners. I’m with you though, I would take the ‘easy’ way out too. 😉

  4. I’m just starting out with the baby steps and this first step is one that I pretty much already master – we usually never eat convenience food, well BF does sometimes, I rarely do – and most of the time I use spices and herbs instead of salt altogether, I like the taste better than salt anyway. BUT I will buy some unrefined salt for the few occasions I use salt. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for a better health <3

    1. I love that you’re already ahead of the game! Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the salt for it’s mineral-rich properties. The difference in taste is significant if you have well-developed taste buds, especially if you use it on raw veggies or sprinkle it on top of a dish. Yum.

  5. Any suggestions for an inexpensive salt grinder? I just can’t spend $20 on one right now, but have a bag full of coarse sea salt in my pantry waiting to be used. 🙂

  6. I just bought some sea salt. The only ingredient listed is: sea salt. It is a grocery story brand. How do I know if it is good or not? Suggestions?

    1. If it’s pure white that’s often an indication that the minerals have been removed through processing. The only way to truly tell is to contact the manufacturer and ask how they process the salt.

  7. I use celtic and real salt. I started about a year ago. I do want to know if I can use it in Canning vegetables. I know Canning manuals specify Canning salt…but can you substitute? I Know that I can home can vegetables with out salt and add it when they are served.

    1. Absolutely! There are quite a few websites dedicated to canning with only real food ingredients including unrefined salt. They’d be a god source for measurements.

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