Beginning of an Organic Heirloom Vegetable Garden {Part 2} – Bad News On the Garden Front

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  1. Don’t give up!

    I used to think the entire garden had to go in by such and such a date but it’s just not so. If you get a little bit of your soil ready at a time you can still plant lots of things – look at it this way – carrots and beans are usually planted at two week intervals all thorugh the summer. I’m in Canada, our frosts come early here, and last year I planted carrots in August. In october I was pulling tons of them they were the best of the bunch (oops, no pun intended) Cabbages go in late, too, you can plant what’s called early corn late, too, it’ll be ready before frost.

    Don’t give up!

  2. Thank you so much Christine! I have received so much wonderful information on how to keep the garden momentum going since I wrote this post. Your tips will be a huge help! I bought a few plants this past weekend – 2 tomato, a red bell pepper, and cucumber and will plant those as a test (and to get some FOOD). I’ll post on what my new plans are as soon as I get them in the ground. Thankfully, all is not lost!!

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