Dark Days Challenge – S.O.L.E. Chicken with Onion Salad

S.O.L.E. sustainable organic local ethical
My first contribution to S.O.L.E. cooking is a dish of boiled chicken, a dollop of chicken schmaltz, and a simple salad of sliced onions and parsley (Celtic sea salt and Bariani olive oil from California are non-local additions). Through my real food journey, I have learned that meals do not have to be complicated to be satisfying. My journey through the Dark Days Challenge will be full of stumbles and scrounging so simple is #1 in my menu plan. You see, I have no SOLE food put away for the winter. I am going into this challenge with sweat on my brow and a lot of blind faith in my Michigan farmers. I first began my sojourn into local foods at the beginning of this year and am still getting my feet wet. I have seeds for an heirloom garden that never got started, canning jars for food that never got preserved, and a dusty dehydrator. Oops. On a brighter note, I do have a contract with a raw milk co-op, about 1/4 of a cow left in my deep freezer with a ton of bones for broth, a bushel of apples to process, three small winter squash, a few onions and potatoes, some herbs that I just cut from my flower garden to freeze, and access year-round farmers’ markets. This should be interesting.

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