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  1. I've had trouble with my water kefir never getting bubbly (a very few batches have gotten nice and fizzy) its usually royally flat even after secondary fermentation in flip top glass bottles. How do you make yours? The fizzy is absolutely required in order to get my husband to drink it and I'm just frustrated by my poor results. My continuous brew kombucha is happy and bubbly even without secondary fermentation and I love it but my husband thinks it's vile 🙂

  2. I'm only brewing my third batch (including the rehydration brew), so my water kefir isn't fully charged but it's doing pretty well with extra 'fizz' with each brew already. From what I've read, more minerals = more carbonation. Try adding in 1/2 of a clean pastured eggshell, trace mineral drops, and/or molasses. I'm using sucanat (whole cane sugar with the molasses still intact) and Concentrace trace minerals to increase the minerals, because we have a reverse osmosis filter for our water. What are you using to remineralize? I wonder it it would help if you doubled your minerals and used two different sources. It sounds like it's time for an experiment. 🙂 I'd love to hear how the different additions affect the final brew!

  3. Oh, and Erin, my hubby is the same way with kombucha. 😉 I think he'll be drinking it only as a sick remedy like ACV. I'm looking into continuous brew more seriously now that it will become a permanent beverage in the house (at least for the warm months and while we're craving it). I just hate to spend money on even MORE products for the kitchen.

  4. I've been putting a very small piece of eggshell in mine (the time I put a big piece the resulting brew was slimy) I guess I'll see about tryinga different mineral source.My continuous brew vessel is just a simple glass sun tea jar with a spigot. They're less than $10 usually and one keeps me supplied with a daily glass or two. If my soon starts drinking it I'll just start up a second jar. I it just sits on top of my fridge with the spigot over the side and I keep my tea concentrate in the fridge so its super easy to pour into my glass and top it off. I don't miss the ordeal that was batch brewing.Thanks for the kefir advice!

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