GAPS day 17, still intro’ishing it

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  1. Don't be afraid of the chicken feet! I don't skin them, just wash them, and put them in with the rest of the stock makings. I do that with heads too (feathers and all–I am a lazy woman!) You might want something a bit more meaty to go with the feet–backs and wings work great, and will get more mileage out of your precious feet. Or lots of bones, with bits of meat on them (leftover from roasting). I will be interested to see how a foot-only broth turns out (very gelatinous, I am sure! Yum)Justine

  2. You are an angel to share that with me Justine. To my overwhelming relief, they're now going in the pot with nothing but a good scrub with the bones and leftover soft bits from my last two batches of broth (3 chickens worth). I never got around to pulling off the soft bits for pate this time and I read that some people are using their bones twice. I figured this is a good way to try that theory out. Plus, for some reason I'm not ready to toss them. I feel that they have some life left to give!

  3. I have a mandala coloring book ( and I find it to be one of the most soothing things in the world. Did I mention I'm pushing 30?I also had a big problem stopping eating nuts when I first started the GAPS intro. I was finally able to lay off for about a week and when I ate them again, had a bad stomach pains. I never realized I had a sensitivity (even to soaked nuts) but yay GAPS for helping we figure this out. I am hoping that in a few months I can reintroduce them again.

  4. Rufus, What a fantastic idea. The meditation of a mandala plus the soothing action of coloring? Genius! I bookmarked the site. Thanks! While in college, we were lucky to have a Buddhist monk visit us and create a sand mandala over 3 days in one of our buildings. He had many visitors throughout the day. It was wonderful to see the beauty he created with such focus and soak in the serenity. I think I have the same problem with nuts. The strange thing with me is that I hardly ever eat them normally, but I'm apparently now substituting them for sugary snacks. I'm going to keep you in mind along with my original inspiration, Starlene at, and quit! I'll have to send them to work with the hubby.

  5. I get the substitution thing and I REALLY feel the need for SOMETHING during this transition. The physical cravings might have subsided but the emotional cravings and th HABIT is still there. I'm trying in vain to find a suitable 'bridge' (like methadone, no?). Here is on possible option: maybe these marshmallows? I think they're intro friendly except for the coconut flour… you have anything that helps I would love to hear from you!

  6. I posted about the pudding too! It sounds mouthwateringly delightful. And justine's marshmallows? I bet they're little pillows of heaven. I would love to have some GAPS friendly sweets around, but I think they cause more harm than good, although on second thought. It may be better to have that rather than nuts…or maybe not. There is no 'just one' with me. It's gorge until I'm sick and then wait until it subsides to binge some more, or eat everything and then get so disgusted I purge it all out of the house so I can detox. There's not usually a middle ground with me. Sound familiar? 😀 I can't imagine a life without them yet though, so I hope I can have them at least on special occasions. I make – made – quite a few allergy friendly desserts for munchkin that I adapted from traditional recipes, since I love, love, love to bake and they are only lightly sweetened with maple syrup or fruit. I'd love to incorporate those back in eventually while replacing some of the ingredients with traditional foods. Mmmm butter and eggs.

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