Curb Your Sugar Cravings Naturally with 2 Superfoods

Curb Your Sugar Cravings Naturally with 2 Superfoods

Getting bored with nutrient-dense healing foods? This tasty treat will give you the wiggly, giggly fun of jello while sneaking in the healing powers of kombucha and gelatin. Gelatin Powdered gelatin is collagen extracted for use as a food and is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s a digestive aid, regulates stomach acid production, helps grow and […]

Eating Starches for Adrenal Health

Eating Starches for Adrenal Health (fried plantains)

It’s dark and gloomy here, and I’m in my jammies (because I’m professional like that). If you’re lucky, you are too. Let’s sit down and have a chat about one of the ‘secrets’ of my nutritional therapy practice.  One of the things I find myself repeatedly saying to people is that our energy centers need to […]

Health Update: Jennifer (moi)

After my near deafening silence of the past couple weeks, I thought I would share what this recent leg of my healing journey has looked like. If you follow me on social media, you may know that I started back on a strict autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet on Feb. 1. After a full week of […]

Christmas Menu 2013 (GAPS, Autoimmune Paleo/AIP, Grain- & Gluten-free)

Christmas at my house is filled with great memories. Growing up, my small family celebrated by opening up presents and then going to my Nana’s house for dinner. Our traditions were to prepare the same favorite Southern classics each holiday and to gather together and reminisce by telling stories of the past. New Traditions Since […]

A Story of Inspiration: Erica from Edible Attitudes

Note from Jennifer: Today, we have a guest post from Erica of Edible Attitudes. This 17-year-old has become my newest hero. She has battled severe symptoms brought on by chronic illness and is kicking them to the curb, one by one.  Her story is so inspiring, I asked her to share her story at 20 […]

How to Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally with Kombucha

My cravings for sugary goodness were legendary. The candy aisle at the drugstore was Disneyland. Godiva inspired chocolategasms. Donuts and cookies and soda oh my! When my hormones got the best of me every month, I would go into a frenzy of inhaling pastries, chocolates, and sweet (hot) tea by the gallon. Chewy, crunchy, creamy, delicious boxes of […]

GAPS Progress Report 6-17-13

<—— See this guy? Yeah, that’s how I feel. Kinda sheepish. Baaa-aa-aa In the spirit of blogging transparency, I’m going to keep it real. Our diet has been less than stellar over the last week. Takeout was the name of the game most evenings, because I did not feel up to spending time in the […]

An Overview of the GAPS Diet: FREE Video Series

Note from Jennifer: Lauren from Mindful Mama is back with this fantastic presentation on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome healing protocol. If you missed her family’s GAPS success story, you can find it here. The GAPS diet has offered our family much-needed hope when we were stuck (and getting sicker) in our current state of […]