How to Stop Sugar Cravings Naturally with Kombucha

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      1. Please clarify a little more … do you keep the tea BAGS in the container with the scoby for 30 days, or just the brewed tea?

        1. Just the brewed tea. The tea bags steep for 10 minutes and then are removed. Otherwise, they would release too many tannins – making the brew extremely bitter – and allow for mold and contaminants to grow.

  1. I have 2 favorites for reducing sugar cravings.
    1). Sauerkraut
    2). Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar, fresh lemon juice, and ginger mixed in water.

  2. How big are your batches? Do you store it in the fridge after it’s finished brewing? Just need to know since my fridge is full and will have to make some room!

    1. I make 1-2 gallons at a time and either leave it in the pantry with the SCOBY still in (will continue to ferment) or put them in travel size glass containers in the fridge.

  3. If drinking store bought kombucha instead, how should I increase the amount consumed? My understanding is that store kombucha is not as strong, correct?

    1. You’re right that it’s not usually as strong, but I’m not sure how best to calculate it. You could try doubling the amount and dial back if you need to.

  4. I’m finding kefir water flavored with organic fruit juice is taming my candida driven sugar cravings which come on about 25 minutes after a healthy meal. I took antibiotics for 5 years while undergoing Lyme treatment, and I now eat fermented foods whenever I can to help in the battle.

  5. I think this post is missing the ‘kombucha’ tag! I think your kombucha mustard post is also missing that tag. I’d like to link to all your kombucha posts in one lump, but it’s a bit tricky without the labels!

    1. I don’t use tags too extensively, because they’re rarely used. You can search ‘kombucha’ in the search bar, and it will pull them all up though!

    1. The microbes in the SCOBY need a food source to turn the tea into kombucha. That’s what the sugar provides. I prefer the traditional 30 day brew. It makes the booch sour like apple cider vinegar and removes most of the sugar.

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