5 Ways to Naturally Treat a Yeast Infection

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  1. Yeech, yeast infections! I get them quite commonly (or it’s one that never goes away). I’ve heard of the “Diet” to cure it but don’t want to try it. My question is this; recently, things have gotten worse; essentially, I’m on a healing diet in the sense that I cut out all processed foods due to allergies. So why are things worse? Is the Candida’s last stand? (so to speak)

    1. Mine were the result of my diet too. I was switched to a gluten free diet and my chronic yeast infection finally went away. My gut yeast level was very high as well, which is when the Dr recommended that I follow a strict gluten free diet. If I cheat and have food items that are not GF, I almost always end up with a horrible yeast infection.

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  3. I used to have constant yeast infections & feel so fortunate I haven’t had one in YEARS. My mother too was very susceptible to them & taught me to notice if I ate or drank certain things that triggered the infection. I’m still glad to be able to share this post because it’s so helpful for people who are suffering! Thanks!

    PS, so… I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who dries herself with a hair dryer… I thought that was just me. 😉

  4. First thing I’d do is see your GYN. Make sure that there isn’t a serious issue there first. If everything checks out, I’d look into some natural ways of dealing with this problem.

    For me I started looking into fruits and vegetables that help. Grapefruit and pineapples help a lot. There are also vitamins that help but none really showed any type of change for me.

    Then after spending a few hours on the net I came across this natural supplement for women’s needs and care called balance complex for women.

    I’ve been let down before by supplements promising the world. This type of issue is especially embarrassing and I’m just thrilled this has been working so far.

    Would tell any lady to not hesitate and give this a try, will change your life.

  5. How often do you recommend to do the ACV baths? Daily until the yeast infection is gone? Thank you!

    1. Depending on the dryness of your skin, you can take them up to 3 times a day. I prefer no more than once a day unless you need the relief from additional baths. If so, sitz baths are also an option.

    1. I’m sorry for the delay in my reply! I was on maternity leave. An enema can help to flush some of the overgrowth from the colon and large intestine, but it will not directly affect a vaginal yeast infection. If you are talking about using a douche product, I would refrain. They can push the pathogenic yeast further up into the vaginal canal and into the cervix.

  6. Hi my story sounds similar to many of the story’s I’ve read so far. With age their getting worse. I catch them often. At this point I don’t know what I can do. I wouldn’t know where to start with a diet to prevent them. I don’t think my yeast infections ever really go away. I think my Uteris holds a lot of bacteria. Where should I start to find answers? Gyn usually jus says oh that’s just a yeast infection here’s a prescription for the little white pill. And that’s it.

    1. I suggest starting with a digestive protocol, because our GI tract and vaginal tracts share microbes. When many people do a candida cleanse or begin to heal their digestive systems, genital yeast infections often get worse or pop up for the first time. Once the intestines are rebalanced with beneficial microbes, the genital area including the vaginal canal can follow suit. Luckily, these remedies work well while your body is working to rebalance its microbiome!

    1. We try to keep liquid and moisture away from that area to minimize the environment that candida thrives in, so I would suggest making sure it dries thoroughly before going about your day.

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