!GIVEAWAY! Set of Grain-Free eClasses ($199 value)

!GIVEAWAY! Set of Grain-free eClasses ($199 value)
Shrimp Rolls


An important part of our series on Baby Stepping your Way to Better Health will be to remove grains from your diet during the healing period (and beyond if you so choose).

Easy success comes in a complete resource guide on how to do just that. Go Grain-Free: Cooking for Ancestral and Healing Diets is the ultimate guide on grain-free cooking.

I know how difficult this process is. We began our healing journey in April 2011, and it was the most difficult thing this former sugar addict has ever done.

‘What can we eat?’ is the #1 question readers ask me.

Dr. Jill Tieman of Real Food Forager has just released a new program that will show you step-by-step how to become proficient in the kitchen while following diets such as GAPS, SCD, and Paleo.

You will learn to:

  • Bake with grain-free flours such as nut flours and coconut flour;
  • Properly prepare nuts and seeds for easy digestion;
  • Make nutritious breakfasts with waffles and pancakes, that are low carb, grain-free and taste better than those made with grains;
  • Cook traditional meals with chicken, meat and fish that will satisfy even the pickiest eater — all without grains;
  • Put together snacks like energy bars and granola that are full of nutrients rather than empty calories;
  • Save money by making your own real food staples and condiments;
  • Make a grain-free lunch wrap that really works;
  • Save time by cooking in bulk and storing;
  • Bake the most delicious and nutritious carrot muffins ever!

Do you want to learn how to make this?

Chocolate Freezer Pie with Hazelnut Crust
Chocolate Freezer Pie with Hazelnut Crust

You’ll Receive Lifetime Access to:

    • 12 weeks of online classes
    • Over 80 video tutorials
    • Over 150 written, printable recipes
      • pizza crust
      • granola
      • shrimp rolls
      • lasagna
      • mock mashed potatoes
      • salsa
      • roasted beet and arugula salad
    • ACT NOW and receive 2 BONUS VIDEOS

Click here for the full course details.

!GIVEAWAY! Set of Grain-free eClasses ($199 value)
Sandwich Wraps – I want to learn to make these!!


If you have my legendary luck with giveaways (as in never ever winning anything), you can sign up for the classes now and receive a full refund if you win. How great is that?!

For those who don’t win the giveaway, take advantage of the introductory price right now of $199 $149.

Use coupon code NOGRAINS for an additional $20 off bringing the full price of the class down to $129! This is the only coupon that will be offered, so take advantage of it while you can!

Click here to sign up now.

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