Freezer Cooking: The Secret to Success on the GAPS Diet

Freezer Cooking: The Secret to Success on the GAPS Diet

Image Credit: Cara at Heath, Home, and Happiness

One of the most successful things you can do to prepare for the GAPS Diet is to prepare food ahead of time. No matter if you are feeling ill, have a late night at work, or are too busy to prepare a meal, you’ll always have something ready to go at a moment’s notice.

My Confession

I’m not much of a domestic goddess in the kitchen.

I am absolutely useless at prepping ahead. I have no idea how much to make, how to freeze it properly, or how to put it together for future meals.

Thanks to Cara from Health, Home, and Happiness, who is the queen of GAPS by the way, we are going to set ourselves up for success.

If you’re domestically challenged like I am or you just want an extra hand in the kitchen, you can join me and pick up the GAPS Freezer Cooking Guide. It’s an instant download, so you may even be able to have all of your prep work done before we begin GAPS on May 13th.

Freezer Cooking: The Secret to Success on the GAPS Diet

Following the guide will give you (serves a family of 4)

  • 22 breakfasts
  • 10 lunches
  • 16 dinners
  • 28 snacks and sides
  • 8 desserts

Since we follow a rotation diet and try not to repeat foods within a 4 day period, I plan to make a second batch of the lunches and dinners with new food combinations. The way Cara has it set up, even I should be able to tackle that.

I’m super happy that most of the recipes are egg-free, so I can eat them without making things complicated.

Here’s what Cara has to say about the cooking guide:

Special features to work with your family

  • Rather than requiring one long 10-12 hour cooking day, there are 5 sections that take 2-3 hours each so bulk cooking can be spread out over a weekend, a week of nap times, evenings, or however fits in your schedule.  I know as a mother with young children, one with special needs, I do not have 10 hours to dedicate to the kitchen in a single swoop!
  • Small kitchen friendly.  We have done GAPS in small apartment kitchens, so I take space limitations into account with these instructions.
  • Clean up tips! I love to cook, but cleaning up notsomuch.  Tips to save dishes are scattered throughout the book.
  • Print-out re-heating instructions easily attach to your frozen meals to remind anyone how to reheat the meal.
  • Serving instructions and side dish suggestions are printed on the heating instructions.
  • Dairy free options for all meals.
  • Index of recipes included
  • Shopping list included


Freezer Cooking: The Secret to Success on the GAPS Diet

Use coupon Allergies25 for 25% OFF through May 12th and pay only $13.50.

This discount is exclusively for Healing Redefined readers thanks to the awesomeness that is Cara.

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