My Latest Interview on The Paleocare Podcast

  Katy from Paleocare and I sat down for an interview to talk about who should eat breakfast and who should skip it, what led me into a real foods lifestyle and becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, how I’m incorporating pregnancy into my lifestyle, and the approach and tools that I use in my practice. We […]

We’re Having A …

Baby Luca Announcement

  BOY!     It’s time to even the score around here. Daddy will have a son, and we’ll be reproductively tied 3 to 3 for the occupants of Chez Nervo. Well, except for poor Smokey cat. He’s been neutered. Originally hoping for another girl, we’re all on Cloud 9 about our little Luca who will join us via homebirth […]


One of the things I love about blogging is that it can change with me. I can take the time to sit back and reflect when life requires changes and let the blog evolve as those changes happen. I have reached a period where my passions have taken another turn. Impending motherhood (again) and a […]

I Need Your Help!

Have you been missing out on posts lately? Did they used to come to your inbox? Will you even see this if not?? 😉 I made an oopsey, and accidentally deleted a subscriber lists when doing some blog maintenance a couple of months ago. And I can’t get it back! I would just move on, but […]

Top 10 Posts of 2013

This has been a whirlwind year. Katie turned 5; I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner; and this blog finally found it’s mission – to teach you about holistic healing therapies while continuing to share my family’s healing journey. To celebrate, let’s take a look back at the most popular posts from 2013.

the food reaction from HELL and how I survived it

Disclaimer: This isn’t a reaction to a classic food allergy but a latent food allergy, and it does not involve anaphylactic reactions. As many of you know by now, I am more human than human…great, White Zombie’s stuck in my head now. I still have food cravings, slip ups, cheat sessions, and emotional ties to food […]

The 60 Posts in 60 Days Challenge Stops Short

I had a lot of fun with the 60 posts in 60 days challenge that me and a few of my fellow VGN bloggers have been a part of recently. It’s time for me to bow out early though, hopefully with some amount of grace. My schedule is too tight right now with nutritional therapy […]

Katie’s 5th Birthday: A Virtual Trip to the Zoo

We have had a week of birthday festivities for little miss Katie’s 5th birthday. This was our last and biggest party and a great way to finish out a magical week. After indulging in birthday cupcakes, Katie opened her presents on the green before we started our zoo tour in the butterfly house.

The Day My Life Changed Forever…

Katherine Lanell was born 5 years ago today. Named after my grandmothers, she truly received the best qualities of each of them and has done a miraculous job filling some very large shoes. My bright shining star came into the world and changed it forever. The suffering she went through while I furiously poured through […]