This is our journey to revisit the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) gut healing protocol. My family has attempted to follow GAPS since April 2011 with varying success.

At times, we’ve eaten GAPS + starches, raw milk, rice, and then a recent bout with eating a full real foods diet including gluten. You can find out our struggles and successes of the early days here.

Now, with my training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a deeper knowledge of healing, I feel confident that we can all follow this protocol with success.

Join us and we’ll see better health together!

The GAPS Diet Revisited

Gearing Up for GAPS

Freezer Cooking: The Secret to Success on the GAPS Diet

Why Healing Diets Can Make You Feel Worse: The Hypothalamus-Pituitary Connection

My Reasons for Revisiting the GAPS Diet: GAPS as a Fertility Diet?

A Peek into Day 1 of the GAPS Diet

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