What Is A Rotation Diet? {Part 2}

The benefits of a rotation diet are many and include:

  • An increased nutrient profile and intake from a diversity of foods.
  • Ability for the immune system to recover and heal.
  • Reduced sensitivities over time.
  • Decreased chance of developing new allergies from repeated exposure.

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An increased nutrient profile and intake from a diversity of foods

The American diet is mainly a mono-diet. The same few foods are eaten daily in large quantities. A rotation diet changes that drastically…in a good way.

Rotation diets require us to eat a wide variety of foods. This automatically increases the amount of nutrients that most people receive. To heal and function properly, our bodies need a full range of nutrients. Think of them like tools. Our bodies do the work, but they can’t do it right – or sometimes at all – without the necessary tools. […]

What Is a Rotation Diet? {Part 1}

Eat a wider variety of natural, unprocessed foods while allowing your body to heal.

You have seen meal plans and heard the words ‘rotation diet’ thrown around here at 20 something allergies for quite awhile now. Are you still a bit unclear on what it is or the benefits to them? Let us help!

The basic premise of a rotation diet is to rotate foods in such a way that you do not eat the same food more than once within a 4 day period. A “day” is a 24 hour period and not just Monday to Tuesday, because you need at least 96 hours before consuming that food again. If you eat an apple on Saturday afternoon at 1:00, you would wait until at least Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 to have any other food that contains apple.

An allergy rotation diet takes it a step further and groups foods into plant families. […]

5 Things I Have Learned From Using a Budget



We began using a virtual cash-style envelope system at the beginning of this month (June 2012) and have been doing fairly well with it. This month has not been kind to our budget, causing me to shuffle money between envelopes like mad.

There have been way too many large dollar purchases like Katie’s birthday party and our winter CSA share. Next month won’t be any better with the local pastured hog and beef order from our farmers coming in. Still I am able to actually see where our money is going and compensate for it by restricting purchases in other areas.

We not paying off a huge amount of debt yet, but neither are we piling it on a credit card.

Here are the 5 most important things that I have learned so far using the new budget system: […]

Rotation Diet Menu Plan Week of 6/25-7/1/2012 {Kitchen Inventory and Grocery Receipts}

Click here to see this week’s menu plan.

I didn’t make nearly the meals that I planned to last week, since Katie and I were both feeling a bit off. We hunted and pecked a lot, so my kitchen inventory is pretty intact from last week’s list. We all wanted to change up the foods in the rotation and are just about out of a few staples, so the grocery list is a bit astronomical this week. It is mostly justified  – in my head anyway – and contains bulk purchases, so I’m happy overall. I do plan on scaling back again next week. This is a much better feeling than the usual “HOW DID WE SPEND $200 THIS WEEK?!”

This is how we spent it. […]

Rotation Diet Menu Plan Week of 6/25-7/1/2012

The menu plan was so hard to do this week. I had to put the whole project down yesterday and come back to it after a night’s sleep. It took me hours to wring out the meals and snacks from the kitchen inventory list, look through recipes, and then make a grocery list that squeezed […]