7 Black Friday Steals for Real Foodies

7 Black Friday Steals for Real Foodies

My Black Friday and Cyber Monday always include pajamas and a warm cup of tea. No way am I battling Michigan weather to stand in line for hours and fight the crazies for a few presents. I shop online and enjoy every minute of staying warm while my packages magically show up at my¬†door or […]

How To Make Herbal Tea Jello and Why You Want To

How To Make an Herbal Tea Jello & Benefits

I have a confession… With this pregnancy, I can’t stop eating jello. Wiggly, giggly, fruity homemade jello (or technically “gelatin dessert”) full of healing, nutrient-dense ingredients. Herbal tea jello is where it’s at. If you’re not familiar with the healing benefits of gelatin, it’s a true superfood when combined with herbal teas.

Reversing Diabetes World Summit

Can you imagine what it would feel like to help yourself, mom, dad, husband (or wife) reverse Type 2 diabetes? I can tell you firsthand that it feels pretty amazing. I helped my husband reverse his diagnosis before I knew anything about holistic medicine. His blood test results show that he is no longer hyperglycemic; […]

The Paleo Approach: a Brand New Book for Your Healing Toolbox

The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body

As many of you know, my nutritional therapy practice is under a year old. I’m constantly research, learning, and trialing new healing modalities to add to my ‘toolbox’. Flower essences and therapeutic use of essential oils are a couple of additions I’ve made over the last few months, and I just received my first clinical […]

How I Save Money with Bundle Discounts

Confession time. I was always bad with money and had the credit card bills to prove it. Once my husband and I combined accounts, things got easier but we were always on the cusp of debt. Then, things got real. I gave up my corporate job to become a stay-at-home-mom 5 years ago. We got […]

Featured eBook: 21 Day Paleo Cleanse (Autoimmune Paleo Compliant)

21 Day Paleo Cleanse Review

I would love to turn the 21 Day Paleo Cleanse into a workshop. You get everything but the motivational coach. I wouldn’t need to do anything but cheer you on from the sidelines. With a comprehensive and easy-to-follow format, there’s nothing that nutritional therapist Neely Quinn from the Paleo Plan didn’t cover in this eBook.  

Get $850+ in eBooks for Less than a Trip to the Gym

Recently on Facebook, many of you told me that you want more information on detoxifying your bodies, ways to heal your chronic symptoms, recipes to cook healing foods, and ways to eat that food with a busy lifestyle. Instead of starting out the new year with a new “diet” and never-to-be-used-again gym membership, you want […]

The Autoimmune Paleo Protocol: Could This Be IT?

Always listen to your instinct, right? For the past few weeks, the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol and I have crossed paths pretty regularly. Since I don’t have an autoimmune disorder, I didn’t pay much attention and filed the idea away for future client use. And then this happened…