Vegetable Garden Update {Mayday! Mayday!}

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  1. Have you gotten your soil tested? I like to ask questions on the organic gardening forums for things like your tomato question. There are people there who will know why your tomatoes are not doing well and what to amend your soil with.One thing I learned this year is that tomatoes like a lot of bone meal so I got some for mine. Your peppers need more water, they shouldn’t be wilting in the sun. Peppers love the sun. If you put some mulch around them it will help keep them from drying out so quickly. And be sure to give long waters less often instead of lots of little drinks. That teaches them to reach deep in the soil for water and helps them survive the hotter days.

    1. :frantically scribbling notes:

      Patty, I forgot about soil testing! We had planned to test the existing soil before we started. I will request the kit this week, so all is in order for next month when I start the seeds for the fall garden.

      I will look into crushing up my leftover stock bones for bone meal. If not, I’ll find a safe source for it. I know they like fish heads, so I may bury some this fall deep under where they will be placed next year. I would also like to get animal manure from my farmers. They have cows, pigs, chickens, and rabbits.

      I will add more compost, mulch, and water with trace mineral infused water this weekend. Thank you so much for your input!! I didn’t even think about forums. I know what I’ll be doing in my down time this weekend. 😀

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