The Fall Garden Has Begun! {Garden Update}

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  1. You want to save your seeds in a paper sack so that they won’t develop mold if they are not totally dry. I think as long as they are dry, dry you can. I keep all my herbs from the garden in a jar. I also use a dehydrator to dry them also. I want to try and save tomato seeds this year, but haven’t tried it, been busy canning all the tomato’s. I like your blog, I have allot of allergy’s and am always looking for stuff I can use at my house. thanks Pat

    1. Thank you for all the tips Pat! As you can see, I am an amateur at everything related to gardening, so I will definitely be taking note of your advice. I’m glad you found us too, and I’m envious of your tomatoes. We’re not rolling in tomatoes this year, but I’m confident for next year. We can trade allergy info for gardening info. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Kris!!! We have a few healthy carrots growing already, so I am super excited that some of them sprouted and are happy. I will definitely be trying your grandpa’s method when I plant my next round of seeds to get a better success rate and will try covering some with burlap for an extra homeschool experiment.

      Too bad you don’t live close, we could swap cucumbers for carrots! 😉 Have you tried heavy doses of cayenne oil? I know they seem to be resistant to just about anything, but I can’t imagine they’d like to climb around in or eat it.

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