Top 5 Reasons to Buy ‘A Nourished Baby’

What?! Who buys babies?! No, no, no it’s a book…but that did make me giggle a little, especially since we are looking into adopting a child soon. Anywho, Heather Dessinger aka Mommypotamus wrote a spendiferous book on how to nourish babies from pre-conception through adulthood. Read Katie’s story to find out why this information should […]

A Nourished Baby – Why You Need One {and Katie’s Story}

Heather Dessinger, aka the Mommypotamus, is one of my favorite bloggers and has written the most comprehensive book on traditional nutrition for babies available. A Nourished Baby sums up the overall topic but doesn’t convey what the book truly offers. A Nourished Baby┬áincludes information on how to feed children ‘sacred foods’ to prevent and heal […]