Healing Food Allergies & Chronic Illnesses: Baby Step # 1 |Unrefined Salt|

 We’re finally here! Week One. Dun…dun…DUN. Nah, there’s no chicken feet or eye of newt or even anything weird going on. We’ll ease into that stuff. ::grin:: This week’s Baby Step is Unrefined Salt. Replace your processed salt with unrefined salt. By now, most of us are aware that processed foods are not healthy. Salt is […]

Baby Steps to Better Health Through Real Food: What To Expect

I know many of you are beyond ready to get started. We will give everyone through the weekend to get their list of symptoms written up. Patience grasshopper. Monday morning, we will begin our first Baby Step! Each week will feature a new Baby Step, some food-related and some that remove other toxins from your lives. Here is […]