Top 5 Immune-Boosting Supplements: Vitamin K2 (Dr. Price’s Activator X)

Day 3 of talking about real food supplements, and it seems to be a popular topic. Today, we’ll discuss Vitamin K2. Vitamin K is not usually something you’ll hear much about unless you’re giving birth, and it’s only a quick blurb about the Vitamin K1 shot for blood clotting. As a side note, eating food […]

Heal Cavities With A Grain-Free Diet

What?! I know! I hear ya. I would have never believed it myself if we weren’t living proof.   Whole Grains Should Be A Staple of A Healthy Diet = False Here’s the short story. The Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of mostly grains, and grains don’t provide a whole lot of bioavailable nutrients.¬†We would […]