Rustic Coconut Flour Crepes

Light and beautiful crepes bring to mind brunch dates with my husband, Christmas village shopping, perusing the world famous Detroit Institute of Arts, and a life before food restrictions. Now, we work around dairy, wheat, and egg allergies. Eggs are rotated in as a once a week treat around here, but I try hard to stay away from […]

Kombucha Mustard

Kombucha mustard may just be my favorite condiment. Ridiculously easy to make, it’s a definite go-to flavor booster. Even though my quickly snapped pic may be lacking, this mustard blows it out of the park. No joke. There’s something about the bite of mustard seeds mellowed by the tang of kombucha that makes your mouth […]

!WINNER! Set of Grain-Free eClasses and a $70 Coupon

Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway for a set of 12 grain-free eclasses Dr. Jill Tieman of Real Food Forager! __________________________________________________ Our winner isĀ Erin Ter Beest!!! __________________________________________________ If you didn’t win, you can still sign up for the classes with coupon code NOGRAINS through today only. Today will be the last day to sign […]

Silky Banana Bread Bites

Silky Banana Bread Bites (allergen-free, GAPS legal, Paleo, Primal)

These banana bread bites are special treat in my home. They are rich enough to feel indulgent and just sweet enough to feel decadent. Imagine the essence of banana bread. The texture is soft and silky and almost melts on your tongue. These little bites are nothing like I have ever eaten…in a good way. […]