Eating Starches for Adrenal Health

Eating Starches for Adrenal Health (fried plantains)

It’s dark and gloomy here, and I’m in my jammies (because I’m professional like that). If you’re lucky, you are too. Let’s sit down and have a chat about one of the ‘secrets’ of my nutritional therapy practice.  One of the things I find myself repeatedly saying to people is that our energy centers need to […]

Kombucha Mustard

Kombucha mustard may just be my favorite condiment. Ridiculously easy to make, it’s a definite go-to flavor booster. Even though my quickly snapped pic may be lacking, this mustard blows it out of the park. No joke. There’s something about the bite of mustard seeds mellowed by the tang of kombucha that makes your mouth […]

Rotation Diet Menu Plan Week of 6/25-7/1/2012

The menu plan was so hard to do this week. I had to put the whole project down yesterday and come back to it after a night’s sleep. It took me hours to wring out the meals and snacks from the kitchen inventory list, look through recipes, and then make a grocery list that squeezed every […]

Rotation Diet Menu Plan Wk of 6/9-6/15 (includes grocery receipts)

This week returns to full 7 day menu plans and follows Primal/Paleo/GAPS + starch. The grains have been ousted yet again, and we are feeling better already. ::happy dance:: Hubby is not ready to give up dairy, so you will see some dairy items listed. They are never part of the main meals. Our grocery […]

GAPS, days 2 & 3

I want to try to blog our daily journey through GAPS, since I have friends who aren’t considering it but could benefit and those that are flirting with the idea or are seriously interested…and then I miss day 2. Oops. Well, I’ll do my best. Warning: Fog brain seriously set in today. I’ve been a little, […]