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Real Food Meal Plans for Busy People


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Welcome! I'm Jennifer, the owner & founder of Healing Redefined Holistic Wellness Center, holistic practitioner, and head nutrition nerd here at Healing Redefined.

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Medical Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a physician in matters relating to serious illness and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Medications – You should work closely with your physician to adjust medications as your body heals. Many of you will be able to say goodbye to “maintenance” medication forever but some will not.

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  1. Yay for progress! Boo for tummyaches! I have been giving Ellie 1/2 tsp. apple cider vinegar in water when she has a tummy ache and it helps a lot – fyi. The Eat Right for Your Type book is fascinating and definitely something you can apply as an extra layer onto GAPS. It was uncanny how many of the foods the book said Ellie's blood type should avoid were foods she reacted to. Like cantaloupe, for example. Go figure!

  2. Annie, I have been trying to post on your blog since yesterday! I have had so much trouble posting for the last few weeks that I'm about to have Google or Blogger open a trouble ticket. I'll just post my response below 🙂 Thanks for the tip on the ACV. I was using too much when we tried it before. I'd love to do that instead of enzymes! I'll try it tomorrow before she has anything raw or if she has a bellyache and see how it helps. Now I'm super excited for the blood type angle! I guess it's next on my list of books to buy.(anyone who wants to see the original post can see it here!Again mama, I'm right there with you! The no coconut is a very hard one for me. There are too many places it is beneficial to not be able to use it! I try to remind myself that it's not native to the midwest so focus on local foods and medicines. It usually helps. Kind of. I want to start stage 1 intro right now so bad with Katie, but I just can't do it in the middle of summer with us frequenting and buying all our foods from the farmers markets. I'm tired of the bellyaches and the not feeling well and the endless cooking of trying to get out of the house for a couple of hours…and my kitchen after I cook enough for an outing. It's maddening. I feel like an awful mother when I tell her she can't have something just as much as I feel guilty when I tell her she can (fruits and raw foods are very hard for her little body right now but she's craving them like crazy like she should in the summer). Luckily today was a wonderful day, so I hope the hidden dairy in the HCL pills was the issue (I just blogged about it). Good luck! Good luck! Good luck!

  3. Exciting stuff!!!! I love the stage for people where things start clicking like mad, coming together!International Nutrition ( for folks in the US) compounds their own Betaine, so it should be dairy-free. Not totally sure, but might be worth checking out.

  4. Clicking like mad is the perfect description Baden! It's amazing how much it spills over into everything. Katie's dentist was super happy with our diet so no dietary changes from him. I have some issues with my hip for the last few weeks – retracing? – and my chiropractor suggested extra antioxidents so just I'll just add a bit more of what I'm already doing! And no need to change my diet to lose these last few pounds, I just added exercise. Life is good. 🙂

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