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  1. 10 mcg is an extremely low dose of iodine. Have you done the iodine patch test with her? Also she needs selenium. Here in the midwest our soil is particularly depleted of selenium so figuring out how to get more into her is a good idea. Brazil nuts have a lot so if she can eat them 1 a day would be a good thing. I hate blood draws. Ask your Dr about EMLA cream. It takes at least an hour before it is working so you have to apply it at home before you go and if you get too delayed it can wear off. I think it usually lasts about 1 hour as well. We usually do both arms just in case. Don't apply it with a regular bandaid or you can tear the skin trying to remove it so soon.

  2. I think she recommended 10mcg based on Katie's size – 27 lbs – and she tends to be conservative overall (except for the 10,000IU of vit D she has me on), but I haven't honestly been measuring. I give her as much as she wants to eat. Sometimes, it's sprinkling wakame flakes or dulse powder on her food or putting some in a bowl for her to dip a wet finger in a and lick it off. I didn't do the iodine patch test but there's conflicting evidence on how it works, so I'm watching her energy levels and size of her thyroid for indication right now. I have started reading more into it so I can take a more active role and will be able to do more food-wise once I get her allergy test results. I'll start looking into selenium today, and I'm also thinking of a liquid mineral supplement to add to our water and to amend the garden soil along with compost from my kitchen and yard and manure from a local farm that supplements their cows with kelp, live earth, flax, fossil shell flour and Redmond sea salt (the farm we get raw milk from). Thanks for all the recommendations. What would we all do with you?! :)Dorothy, I can let you know if our MDs will prescribe it. They practice out of West Bloomfield and Novi. It's probably a bit further that your doc, but you may really like Dr. Syed to help with suggestions for Bryce's increasing allergies. She's very gentle in her approach and has gone through gut healing herself. I especially like that she's struggled with it, is honest about cheating, tries the most gentle homeopathic approach first, and doesn't try to push her ideals on her patients. My biggest issue is that we don't have enough time with her! 🙂 It's such a huge sigh of relief to know that I can rely on our MD to help us gain greater health for the first time EVER.

  3. I haven't read this whole post yet but I saw the first sentence about the thyroid…my mother has hypothyroid issues and my sister has had thyroid cancer. I feel like I was destine to get thyroid issues too. Regarding my post today and your comment, I though you would find this interesting. I've read this same information in a few spots now: http://www.earthtym.net/ref-merc-thy-01.htm

  4. Thanks Rufus! I hope that it's just a temporary issue…like I'm hoping the others are since we're working on them early. I'll keep the link for a reference just in case. I hope your mom and sister are in the clear for any further cancer issues. PattyLA (Loving Our Guts) has a lot of information on healing the thyroid naturally also.

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