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!Giveaway! Big Berkey Water Filtration System ($319 value)

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• Traditional
• Whole 30
• Gluten & Dairy free
• Paleo or Primal
• Autoimmune Paleo
• Vegetarian


Welcome! I'm Jennifer, the owner & founder of Healing Redefined Holistic Wellness Center, holistic practitioner, and head nutrition nerd here at Healing Redefined.

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856 Responses

  1. Filtered water keeps the good bacteria in your gut alive and well! I would love to win the Berkey! Thanks for the opportunity!!

    1. I am very excited about the Big Berkey water filtration system and hope I win! Drinking clean water helps decrease muscle and joint inflammation and enables better circulation.
      Thanks Jennifer 🙂

      1. I love the clean feeling you get inside and out when you drink filtered or natural spring water. Its so much sweeter than our tap water here at our place too.

        1. I am so sick of city water! The Big Berkey would be great for my family! There is nothing like the taste of pure water…

    2. I would not drink chlorinated water. One of the causes of heartburn and stomach irritation. I would love a better filter.

    3. Very good filtration can remove the high levels of hormone and prescription drugs in city water, which are so highly concentrated that waterways near New York City are experiencing gender and other mutations in the aquatic life. ICK.

    4. Being properly hydrated means you always have optimum energy levels as your body and it’s systems are in balance. Thank you!

    1. Does it really remove fluoride? I’ve seen several that say they do, but when people test it, it turns out it really doesn’t.

    1. The taste of clean water is the best! It keeps all the nasty chemicals out of our bodies, and that helps us function better. We have a 6 month old, and I would love this system so he only drinks great water.

  2. Filtered water has many health benenfits – chlorine, flouride, lead, etc. removed – but it just tastes sooo much better!

  3. The benefits are many–having clean drinking water is healthier for you, and I would especially love to avoid fluoride in our water.

  4. A water filtration system would make drinking a lot of water safe for my husband who has kidney disease.

  5. We’re about to move to a house with well water and I am thinking we SERIOUSLY need a good filtration system.

  6. It is better for your health, and cheaper than buying bottled water because you can refill your own bottle at home.

  7. Wow!!!! How exciting! What a fabulous give-away! Thank you. Over the past six months, since beginning my journey to more traditional lifestyle, I’ve been slowly collecting items to facilitate that journey. Thanks again.

  8. I shudder to think of all of the “additives” in city water–I know that using a filtered water system will help remove all the bad things–leaving clean, healthy water for me and my family! Plus–a filtration system at home means we can just fill up our own bottles–saving us time and money.

  9. I love filtered water, and having this Berkey would save so much time and energy, not to mention plastic jugs. Filtered water has so many benefits–takes out the bad stuff, while leaving the benefits of water there. much better for drinking and cooking. Thanks for the opportunity. :o)

  10. Getting rid of fluoride, chlorine and other contaminates in your water helps with health and if you want to culture things chlorine is a killer.

  11. I would love to win this! I want my kids to have clean drinking water, and to filter out the fluoride and other chemicals.

  12. Drinking filtered water is better for you because it takes out all the nasty impurities that make us sick.

    1. I forgot to post the one benefit! One benefit to drinking clean water is you are not drinking the pollutants that are in the water and can potentially make you sick such as arsenic,

  13. I would love to win this! I’ve been trying to save for one but there is just never enough! I know I need to be drinking filtered water while I am pregnant, because it prevents chemicals from destroying my healthy gut flora, and prevents fluoride, aluminum and other toxins from causing cancer in myself and my baby. Praying that I can win this because I can’t afford it.

  14. I live in the Central Valley of California and I would love to filter out pesticide residues from my drinking water!!!

  15. Water is essential for the body’s growth and maintenance, so drinking healthy water is vital to good health.

  16. To keep my good bacteria alive (avoid fluoride, bromine and chlorine)
    To Keep my Liver happy (less work for him with clean water)
    To Keep my skin beautiful (well hydrated means beautiful skin)
    To keep the planet happy (by not buying plastic bottle!)
    AND to feel GREAT and HEALTHY!

  17. I want to get rid of all the sneaky chemicals and other nasty things that hide in our “clean” tap water.

  18. We have a well for our water and this would make it so much easier to get clean healthy water for drinking and cooking. We filter our water now but not as efficient as the Big Berkey would make it for me and my family.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway….amazing!

  19. Fluoride as well as many of the other chemicals in our tap water is nothing short of toxic. Filtering your water is essential for good health….and Berkey is the BEST!! 🙂

  20. Filtered water takes the nasty, bad for your health stuff out of tap water.
    Ooops! I posted my comment in the wrong spot! Sorry, Mary B.

  21. A Berkey filtration system would be beneficial in removing all the toxins and parasites in our city water, and the fluoride that they are crazy enough to add in!

  22. Having this water filter would give me the ability to have high quality drinking water right in my own home. Normally, I drive out to a spring every few months for my drinking water. Also, no fluoride! Thanks for giving someone the chance to better their health!

  23. Filtered water, especially from a quality device, means no chemicals! I also have a trace mineral blend I can add to make it taste great!

  24. I think good water filtration is super important because of all of the dangerous metals and contaminants in our water. I have had to chelate my kids to remove aluminum and cadmium. We got rid of Teflon and all that junk years ago. But if you don’t have access to really good water filtration, you just don’t know what kind of junk is getting in to your family.

  25. Water filtration is imperative to a healthy body. I especially like the flouride filter offered for the berkey system. Coming from Hawaii (no flouride) to North Carolina (flouride), the berkey is an essential kitchen tool in my book.

  26. FIltered water tastes better, and gets rid of flouride and chlorine! The less toxins the better!

  27. A benefit of clean drinking water is that I feel good about the water I am drinking and giving to my family. Water is really the only liquid they drink so it is important that it is high quality. I would also like to find a good filtration system to get rid of fluoride (especially for my little kids).

  28. Filtered water is soo much healthier than tap water, especially with no chlorine and fluoride. I’m moving soon and would love to replace my old britta!

  29. Water without fluoride protects our brains and especially those of children. It also protects us from having toxic chemicals such as chlorine in our bodies.

  30. Filtered, clean water tastes better and is better for you. I don’t need to be ingested someone elses meds through the city tap water.

  31. Filtered water has all of the yuck- chlorine, bad bacteria, heavy metals, drug residues, removed. All we drink is good, clean water that tastes good and is good for us.

  32. Wow! Getting all the chemicals out of the water can make a big difference in one’s health. We’re already bombarded with so many toxins.

  33. It will help to optimize balance , right down to the cells of our bodies. Crossing my fingers!
    Pure clean goodness!

  34. Unfortunately, the water where I live is fluoridated and I have been looking into various filters to avoid this and other harmful chemicals. Winning this would be amazing!

  35. Properly filtered water improves health by removing contaminants and excess minerals, and a filter like this allows for self-bottling using glass bottles!!

  36. Clean, fresh water is better for our bodies, plain and simple. I try to use filtered water for everything I drink and eat, but I just don’t always have enough. This would solve that problem.

  37. Having filtered water without flouride and chlorine would be another wonderful way to keep my family healthier.

  38. Clean drinking water is better for your health, as it doesn’t contain the chemicals and additives that are harmful for our bodies!

  39. we all need clean water to stay healthy, if we have the ‘cleaner’ water we will be drinking more and staying healthier ….. i hope i win this i so very much/desperately need it …. i have major health problems / trying to loose BUT i hate the test of the water around here ;( i know if i had a system like this then i would drink what i suppose to, loose more weight, and be getting into a better health

  40. Its hard to just name just one, but since I am dealing with this right now, drinking clean water decreases muscle and joint inflammation!

  41. Thanks for the opportunity to win this water purifier. If I win I’ll give it to my sister who is disabled. Her water supply is chlorinated. I read a previous comment about someone who is concerned about moving to where the water is from a well. For most of my life I’ve been fortunate enough to have well water. Chlorinated and fluoridated water is so bad for the human body. Yes, have your well water tested. That is wisdom. But anyone who uses water from a treatment plant that uses chemicals should do their bodies and their health a favor- Get A Filter! A good one! Research and be wise.

  42. Clean drinking water means dangerous contaminants like fluoride and chloramine are removed and the clean water helps flush out toxins which greatly reduces disease.

    I adore Berkey!

  43. Keeps fluoride out so that my babies can grow up as healthy and smart as possible! Cheers to reaching full potential.

  44. oooh. I would love to win this! i use an aquasana now which was great when i lived in portland and vancouver since they don’t fluoridate the water there but now i live in oakland where they do so it’s time to upgrade. berkey’s are spendy though so i hope i win. great giveaway!

  45. I’m lucky that my community does not florinate our water supply, but there’s a ton of sediment and less than desirable things learking in our water still, and good water filtration unit, like a Berkey, can ensure my family has the cleanest healthiest water available!

  46. Drinking clean water helps your body to further flush out and eliminate toxins in your body while hydrating your organs to function at their best!

  47. To have clean healthy drinking water is a basic human right that is sadly ignored by our government. Taking matters into our own hands, and having a good filtration unit, like a Berkey, can ensure many years of happy, healthful living!

  48. One benefit of drinking clear filtered water is that it helps keep me from eating when I’m not actually hungry. 🙂

  49. I’d love one of these to put in my food storage for those ‘never know when you’ll need to filter unclean water’ moments. I’d love one of these!

  50. I would love to have clean drinking water by filtering out the fluoride and chlorine out of it. These chemicals are messing our bodies up.

  51. I live in an area that adds fluoride to our water. It concerns me that a medical treatment is put into my drinking water without my consent. This filter will help protect my family from exposure to a known toxin. Thank you for the opportunity to own this wonderful system.

  52. A major benefit of having truly clean drinking water would be I actually have the desire to drink it. We’re on city water and it’s terrible. I’d also like to have a Berkey incase of disaster type situations. Good luck everyone!

  53. Fluoride, chlorine and chloramines are extremely toxic to our bodies. Not only will this filter out these, but will also filter out parasites, bacteria and viruses in the water! I would love to win this!

  54. This Berkey is beautiful! I teach my students to drink filtered water to help remove the chlorine & keep it from entering their cells — chlorine is a possible cancer causing agent… and drinking your own filtered water keeps you from drinking so much ‘plastic’ from bottled water….

  55. I LOVE WATER! It is So good for you!….As long as it is clean at least. It’s scary what they put in water now a days….

  56. Maybe this isn’t the most important reason of all, but it’s important to ME – purified water tastes better!!!!!!

    Thanks for hosting!!!!

  57. I have wanted a Berkey water filter since we moved to our present home. The water is from a well but does not taste good and often has too much iron so we do not drink it. Water is our favorite drink so I buy 14 gallons of water most weeks to have just enough for drinking since there are 4 of us.

  58. One benefit is: it is possible to cure and prevent many diseases by drinking large amounts of clean water.

  59. Water filters are great for your health because the remove chemicals that are hard on our body. Ad if you have chemical sensitivities like I do it is important to put the best possible water in your body.

  60. Now with all the added chemicals that are in our water, choosing to have clean filtered water is the way to go.

  61. American bones have 2500-5000 ppm fluoride. 1000 ppm makes teeth break and bones more brittle (because the body hooks fluoride to the calcium in bones, rendering it useless to us) filtered water would greatly decrease the amount of fluoride in our bodies.

  62. If I had the money to buy anything right now, a Berkey filter would be at the very top of my list! There are so many reasons why properly filtered water is important. Water is vital; it is the one thing that we *should* be able to rely on. But with our planet being burdened and abused as it is, even this fundamental part of our livelihood is being compromised. Safe drinking water is no longer something to take for granted. For those who are lucky enough to have water that is free of pathogens, they are still being inundated by poisons such as fluoride, chlorine, bromide, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, pesticides, PCB’s, heavy metals, artificial hormones, AND THE LIST GOES ON. I am determined to get a Berkey filter before my five month old starts drinking water. It’s bad enough that he has to be exposed to toxins via my breast milk. I am trying my hardest to break free from this toxic modern lifestyle. Winning this filter would mean so much to me.

  63. Filtered water doesnt contain harmful pathogens and chemicals which can cause disease and create toxicity in the body. The benefits of filtered water that leaves the alkalizing minerals is that you are drinking live water as opposed to many bottled waters that are distilled and essentially dead.

  64. Clean water is so important for health as it is one of the most consumed products by humans and keeps our body running smoothly.

  65. One great benefit is psychological (I don’t mean psychosomatic!); I could be so much less worried about what we are consuming if I knew that our water was truly filtered.

  66. Using a water filter makes your water taste great, is cheaper then buying bottled water and keeps all those plastic bottles out of the landfill!

  67. Good filtered water tastes and hydrates every cell of your body.. Water sans contaminates results in a healthier being..

  68. Would love to win a Berkey! Clean water would not contain chlorine nor fluoride which are both damaging to your thyroid!

  69. So many of us work so diligently to remove toxins from our home and diet. Drinking properly filtered water is an essential part of the process…if not, possibly, the first place one should start.

  70. I have less headaches in the morning when I drink a glass of filtered water at night instead of drinking tap water!
    Yah for this give-away!!

  71. Peace of mind that your giving your family good clean water. I also have gut issues so clean water is better for me.

  72. We don’t know what the fracking companies are putting into our water supply… want to be sure our water is safe so a berkey would be great!

  73. Clean, filtered water allows the body to detox and maintain health without fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals/bacteria from inhibiting it.

  74. The key to our health, clean drinking water. This would be a momentous improvement for my family. Thanks for the contest opportunity!

  75. My kefir grains died a quick death. The diagnosis was bad water. Can’t imagine what it’s doing to our insides! Thanks for the chance to win such a dream filter! Love the Berkey!

  76. Home-filtered water tastes better than tap water, is better for you, and helps keep plastic bottles out of landfills! What’s not to love? Thanks for the contest!

  77. Filtered water reduces the consumption of bottled water and consequent generation of plastic waste… Would love to win this, it is at the top my long list of things to better mine and my families health!

  78. By removing Lead, MTBE’s and viruses. In addition, chlorine and bacteria (giardia, e-coli, etc) is very important to detoxifying our bodies and live healthy life :). I definitely dying to do this because a love my family!. All is holding me is that we cannot afford it :(.

  79. I just read about the Berkley Water Filter system last night on another site. I would love to have one, as I live in an area where old iron pipes are used to bring water to my house. I filter the water we drink and cook with, but it is just a charcoal-type filter. I believe the Berkley would make the water taste better and be safer for those of us who get white shale in our water. This is a wonderful chance you’ve given us, to own such a great clean water system and we all thank you!!! 🙂 Cathy.

  80. Filtered water taste better and gets the smell of chlorine out. If it is more like nature intendend then it just has to be better for your body.

  81. One benefit of clean water is better taste. Surely lower on the list of importance but it’s a nice thing. 🙂

  82. Clean water is vital to our continued health. Unfortunately, I live in a house with lead pipes, and my landlord isn’t required by law to replace them. Given how important clean water is to a community’s health, I just can’t understand why my landlord isn’t required to be them removed…

  83. Clean drinking water reduces your exposure to harmful contaminates that we are exposed to daily in our environment.

  84. I would love to win this filter! I need clean water that filters out all the yuckies, leaving my water fresh tasting, safe and pure, but I need the minerals the Berkey leaves behind.

  85. I am in love with the Berkey water filter, and have wanted one forever! I love that it removes fluoride and chlorine and other harmful junk!

  86. It’s the flouride filtering that has me yearning for a Berkey! Hadn’t given water much thought until I had kids and now I can’t un-know all the dirty details of what we’ve been drinking… Yech.

  87. Thanks for the opportunity! Need a water filter and have been impressed with everything I read about berkeys.

  88. filtered water is better for fermentation purposes. It doesn’t let unidentifiable bacteria get into my sourdough starter or my kombucha or sauerkraut. Also, it is always better to know what I am drinking than not.

  89. Filtered water is tastier and healthier. No flouride, no chlorine, no cryptosporidium…no yuckies, just water.

  90. I am in need of clean water to keep my body healing! Clean water reduces toxin exposure and it tastes so much better :))

  91. I NEED a berkey!!! Filtering the water gets rid of the awful taste, not to mention the awful chemicals that cause it!

  92. Filtered water is healthy as all the contaminants are removed. Plus the added bonus of no longer having to buy bottled water to avoid the dangerous chemicals found in tap water.

  93. Drinking water is the most important thing we can do for our health. A gallon a day is ideal, but I still haven’t made it there to be honest. I do start my day with a full quart before I eat anything though, and then if I can get a couple more quarts in, I’m feeling good. High quality, purified, filtered water is all the more better!

  94. fresh clean water for adequate hydration is the prime requirement for maintaining excellent health.

  95. I have been wanting one of these since reading about it two years ago. Not having to worry about all the gunk in our water would be such a blessing.

  96. Hi! I’m new to your site, but excited to explore and learn more about real nutrition! Hope I win the water filter!

  97. Clean drinking water tastes better in the glass and in cooking. Knowing you’re drinking healthier water with less harmful chemicals makes you feel better about it so you may drink more.

  98. Gets rid of all the harmful chemicals that contribute to allergies, hormone imbalance, among other nasty things!

  99. My son is suffering from copper toxicity and so finding a source of clean water is essential for his healing as we have copper water pipes in our old home.

  100. With 4 fast growing boys, keeping up on good pure water is important…and they sure go through the water with all their activities, so a Berky would be GREAT!

  101. I love the taste of filtered water. Right now, we purchase filtered water, and it would be great if we had a filtration system!

  102. Buying gallons of water and hauling them home for my family has been such a pain! Would love a Berkey water system to ease that burden, especially since we go through so much water living in hot hot south TX!

  103. It would ease my mind to know we were drinking safer, better tasting water. It would be great for all my aquariums too. 🙂

  104. The body needs clean water to perform certain functions that only pure unaltered, quality H2O can provide <3

  105. The icky stuff that is getting into water is scary and I think it’s a problem everywhere now. There are even prescription drugs in the water these days. I don’t think they admit all that is in the water anymore. Clean water is the basis of good health. Even pets need clean water to stay healthy and live long.

  106. Our drinking water is from an aquifer near the mountains, but we haul it ourselves. “City” water has too many added chemicals, so we try not to ingest it. This would be the perfect! Do you know if it filters out hormones?

  107. A filtration system will get rid of any chemicals and bacteria I don’t want to be and shouldn’t be drinking!

  108. I hate using plastic! This provided clean, great tasting water without the need to purchase plastic bottles of drinking water. Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Every body needs water. And impure water takes its toll. I live in a very small town, but we have ‘city’ water. They add fluoride. Which is toxic. So while one must have water to live, one get to poison oneself at the same time.

  110. Ever since I heard about the berkey a year ago I have wanted to get one for my family, it’s a little expensive for us, so I am hoping and praying I win it 😉

  111. Filtered water tastes better, when used to at home facials it leaves less film on your skin and keeps away impurities from your face.

  112. There is nothing like clean filtered water! I love the taste of filtered water better. Also to have fluoride and chlorine free water is so much better and it is becoming hard to come by.This is a wonderful giveaway THANK you!

  113. Health!!!!! When I get my water reports there are so many dangerous toxins in it. And they are currently trying to get the standards even lower. But I need water and my Brita only helps the taste.

  114. I love clean drinking water! It is so important for flushing out toxins (instead of bringing in new ones) and I am always finicky about my water. Hubby joked today that he’s surprised I haven’t made him buy our house a fancy filtration system. If we win this, I guess we won’t have to 🙂 We have well water, so no flouride (yuck), but some other minerals and elements that are probably out of balance. thanks for the opportunity!

  115. Clean water makes for a all around healthier me. My kids can grow strong from all the benefits of the main ingredient to life we need, water!

  116. I’m all in! I have been researching an upgrade to our current filtration method and these folks appear to have the tools we need and want. It would be great to win one, since for now the upgrade is currently out of reach. Thanks for the opportunity and for the good work that you do!

  117. Our family doesn’t drink tap water, but with this filter we can take out the fluoride and save the earth three people at a time.

  118. Clean water is so important for reducing disease! Our church group helps support an orphanage in Kenya. About a year ago they were able to get a well drilled. About a week ago the pump quit and within just a few days, some of the children were already getting sick from the water that was hauled in from some distance.

  119. I reeeeeeeeealy want one of these!! I don’t want my little guy drinking all those nasties in the tap water.

  120. Our water does not taste good and has a lot of iron in it, so I have been hoping to get a Berkey so I do not have to buy 14 gallons of water a week.

  121. I would love to use this with my family to remove harmful chemicals from our well water. Our son has Autism and filtered water could greatly help him. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  122. Our nutritionist just recommended filtered water for myself (Hypothyroid and Hypoglycemic) and my son (ASD, SPD and Hypoglycemic) because the reduction in pollutants in water can reduce our symptoms! One example she gave was fluoride; she said that fluoride is used to treat Hyperthyroid and as such it could be lowering my TSH production. WHAAAAAAT? Yeah. Single mom, student, special needs child…. water filters are $$$$$$$ but apparently NECESSARY!

  123. For me, filtered or clean water means no chlorine and other harmful substances and more benefical microbes in my family’s gut! This is a great give away! Thanks.

  124. Filtering water removes disinfection byproducts and other toxins such as fluoride. Especially needed in our household with SLE and renal disease…

  125. I have been wanting to buy one and am saving money to do so, but winning would allow me to spend the money on other health related toys I need to buy! 🙂

  126. We need water for so many functions in the body. Drinking clean water keeps the body hydrated, detoxified, and functioning properly. As opposed to drinking water contaminated with heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and the like- which make the body work even harder to function properly.

  127. WAY too much fluoride in our water in my city! I buy r/o from the machines twice a week for drinking and cooking. Would LOVE to have a Berkey filter to avoid doing that.

  128. Clean water from a Berkey means no junk in my family’s bodies. I already make our own toothpaste to avoid fluoride, would love to remove it from our water too!! Thank you for blessing someone with this fabulous giveaway!!

  129. Drinking real clean water is good for the body and mind…and we need to teach our chikdren what is real and fake

  130. Clean water is an Earth right. We all have the right to clean water, real food, and pure air. Sadly, we are the ones destroying our rights.

  131. If chlorine kills that bad bacteria in the water, it kills the good bacteria in us. Purified water is essential for good gut health!

  132. If chlorine kills the bad bacteria in tap water, it kills the good bacteria in us. Purified water is essential for good gut health!

  133. Drinking filtered water is economically and environmentally better for us!! Would love to win this! Bottled water is so expensive and bad for the environment, our water is so bad, the cheap filters don’t seem to work well 🙁

  134. I love that this filter takes the bad things out but leaves the good minerals that are essential for a healthy body. I’m struggling with drinking the filtered water that is available to me because it is reverse osmosis, so my family is lacking the minerals we need.

  135. Every body needs water! It is necessary to be hydrated. But water can contain various contaminants, especially public water supplies. Having filtered water has become necessary to maintain health.

  136. Big Berkeys even get Fluoride out of the water! Huge plus if you live in a city that has over-fluoridated water 🙁

  137. Filtering your water with a Berkey filter will remove the harmful toxins in the tap water that could damage or destroy healthy gut flora. Our bodies need plenty of clean water to maintain a healthy weight, flush out toxins and waste products, and to do the work of healing and repairing cells and tissues.

  138. I am the secretary for our local water board, almost a year now, and after seeing our water testing reports and how much crap is “legally allowed” in our water…I am a huge believer in filtering your water!!!

  139. Clean water is better tasting and healthier by removing contaminants like heavy metals and chemicals like chlorine and fluoride!

  140. Benefits of clean drinking water: avoiding getting VOCs, chlorine, fluoride and other nasty contaminants into your precious body! I’m a mom and a cancer survivor, and I take this seriously.

  141. When you filter your water you remove the chlorine and fluoride so it is much healthier. Besides, it tastes better! Thank you for this opportunity!

  142. Filtered water doesn’t give me headaches like tap water does! I would feel much better knowing that every time I boil water I am not consuming a concentrated amount of fluoride.

  143. I have been obsessed with this filter all month! How did you know? I want to get the filth out of our water so I can feel better about my family drinking it.

  144. I would love to get the chlorine out of our drinking water…sometimes after my kids have a shower, I can smell chlorine in the air…thats the same water we drink – eek!

  145. Clean pure water is the basis for good health. I worked in a private lake front area and many in that area died of cancer. I told my daughter lets not drink the water here. Recently read water report from there. It warned people with comprimised immune systems and cancer NOT to drink the water. Whose to say drinking it in the first place didn’t cause them to have comprimised immune systems in the first place!

  146. Clean drinking water is important for so many reasons – filtering out the flouride, toxins, antibiotics, chemicals, bacteria, and parasites leaves us with clean, mineral-rich water that helps keep our bodies alkaline and in a better position for general wellness and healing!

    Thank you for doing this giveaway! We’ve had a Berkey on our wishlist (saving-for list) for awhile now, so to win this one would be amazing! Do you have one of your own? Are you loving it? We’ve only heard good things about them! =)

    Much love,

  147. I’d love my son to drink healthier water without any nasty chemicals. The water and ice from our tap tends to have visible floating things in it. Icky! I think a filtration system this fancy would excite my husband and encourage him to drink more water.

  148. Filtered water helps the body naturally cleanse itself. When we drink water full of contaminants our body has to rid itself of those too. How is it supposed to flush with that? I’m loving your site! Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it and for sharing.

  149. Drinking clean water helps prevent diseases by eliminating toxins from entering the body. As a bonus, clean drinking water just tastes refreshing. Would love to win this prize!

  150. Clean water tastes great and helps you stay hydrated! Our well water doesn’t taste great and makes me want to reach for other beverages which are full of unneeded calories!

  151. no fluoride = better health. We love lemon water, but our little one is allergic therefore we need a good system for him 🙂 thanks!

  152. Without clean water, we were getting sick all the time. There are all kinds of pathogens that can be in water! I’m ready to protect our immunity!

  153. Filtered water tastes amazing! I avoid chlorine and fluoride in other products and would really love for it to be taken out of my water!

  154. Our family is on a journey to better health. We have made some major changes and have seen results. We still have a long road ahead. This filtration/purification system would help us tremendously. Drinking clean water is so much better for us. This would ensure that we are removing fluoride and other harmful chemicals and bacteria from our drinking water which will improve our overall health.

  155. I think everyone who’s commented before me has covered just about every possible benefit, lol. I would love to win a Big Berkey for my family. 🙂

  156. My son and I are both “super-tasters”, so pretty much all water has a funky taste of some kind or another! This would be great for us! (Yes, even bottled water tastes like plastic, and don’t even get me started on why we don’t drink out of plastic containers!)

  157. Our bodies are mostly made of water and it is needed in every process of it, from breathing, growing, digestion, skin integrity, and a host of cell activity. So it reasons out that the better water you consume, the healthier you can become. Thanks for hosting the giveaway ~ winning would be pure pleasure.

  158. City water is traditionally really, really bad. Just have your water tested. Having a water purification filtration system of some sort is essential given the quality of water (or lack of) in most cities, towns, etc. Our bodies are something like 50-60% water. Good, quality water is a must to be free from allergies and all sorts of illnesses.

  159. There’s nothing like drinking pure, clean water. I’m wanting to win this for my sister and her new little family!

  160. Filtered water lowers your chemical intake and can help prevent many health issues and diseases, as well as improve your current health.

  161. I am constantly looking for improved ways of filtering my tap water, I really dislike the taste and odor of unfiltered water. The smell actually keeps me from drinking it, and I think having better filtration would increase my family’s water intake. This system looks awesome!

  162. The best benefit I can imagine is that you are nourishing your body with each sip of clean water, rather than consuming harmful metals and other nasties.

  163. One benefit of having a Big Berkey would be that I could use fluoride filters so that my 16 month old daughter wouldn’t ingest the fluoride in tap water! Among other things 🙂

  164. Filtered water is healthier in so many ways. I have heard good things about the Big Berkey Water Filter, and would love to win one!

  165. I’m very concerned about the fluoride and chlorine in my water. I was just pricing these on Amazon when I found your blog. I would truly love to win this.

  166. Some have mentioned neutralizing chlorine by adding lemon juice or ascorbic acid to the water. This will eventually wear down tooth enamel. Water helps relieve back pain and arthritis. It is the main lubricant in joints. Water is essential for EVERY function in our bodies. A water filter is an essential health item.

  167. I love how the functions in our body work so much better when we consume/increase our daily water intake. We have two children (boys) in our household who clog our toilet often. I repeat my mantra – drink more water – it helps EVERYTHING “move” better! The better the water, the better the effects on our bodies.

  168. With the overabundance of toxins in our water and food these days, I really want a Berkey filter so I don’t have to worry about one thing I give my two little boys.

  169. There are many benefits to drinking filtered water but mainly I want my family to drink the most clean water available to them.

  170. By drinking clean water we further limit our consumption of toxins (ex: fluoride, BPA, & chlorine) and metals that are found in tap water. Also by drinking clean water, we better hydrate and detoxify our bodies. Eating whole foods and drinking clean water is helping my husband through his ailments.

  171. I think one of the best benefits of drinking clean water is feeling blessed to HAVE the access to clean water. It’s something we take for granted!

  172. I’ve been wanting a berkey for a loooooong time now! Drinking clean water is great and one benefit of that is avoiding fluoride which can cause a multitude of problems!

  173. Good clean water not only helps in the hydration of the body but helps with the release of ingested/inhaled/contacted toxins so that we don’t overburden our bodies. Water is so necessary in every one of our bodies physiologic systems. Water is so very important!