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  1. Wow–I really think K has come a long way in her food sensitivities! You’re correct, her overall IgE of 3.6 is so low it’s really equivalent to zero. That means zero anaphylactic allergies/seasonal allergies. B1’s IgE this past June was so high it surpassed the test’s top limits. B3’s IgE was over 100. Just shows they have allergies =( I love how you explain the difference between the 2 types of allergies–thank you!!!!

    1. Wow Dorothy! I didn’t realize they were testing that high. I have true allergies and my IgE tested at 29.7, so I mainly attribute the low IgE to diet. Only my theory, but we all had the same results. After catching a nasty summer cold and cheating with SAD foods a couple of weeks ago, my mold allergy rocked my world. There were no symptoms for a few years until my immune system started struggling. Once I cut the offending foods out again and ousted the virus, they disappeared completely. I wonder if you would get a similar drop in IgE levels (not necessarily that low but a significant drop for their individual readings) if you were able to get them to change their diet 100%. I know, I know. Not gonna happen unless you lock them in a closet and slide food under the door. There’s always B3! He’s not resourceful enough yet to get out of the closet and then call Child Protective Services on you. 😀

  2. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site!!! Thank you for all the info, and I will be digging in more and more 🙂 My family also has allergies, and we have followed the Gaps, WAP, and tried a few others, and are doing much better, but not 100%. My daughter is the one that suffers the most, and has had a blood test done, and it showed that she was severely allergic to Eggs, Wheat, Mustard, and she also had many other moderate allergies….. With the diets, she is doing great, but I know we still have a long road ahead. She does not have to take any medication, and we don’t have to give her any Benedryl anymore either. She is so limited on what she eats though!! I am curious to know where and what kind of test these are that you and your daughter took?? My daughter’s test was definately not this extensive. It only tested a limited amount of common allergen foods. I think that something like this could give us a much better idea of what’s going on. If there is any info that you could share with me on that, that would be great!! Also, what kind of MD do you see?? I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t want to load her up on all kinds of medications. I’m pretty much her MD at this point, with the help of research, Gaps, and Wap, and great websites like yours! Thanks again!

    1. Jennifer, I completely understand where you are coming from on being the MD in the family. I have read that a worried mother does better research than the FBI and I’m pretty sure that was written to me and the other mamas like me. 😀

      Our tests were through Genova Diagnostics. I think I stumbled across them while doing research online and was lucky enough that our MD’s office works with their labs to administer the tests. Our MD is a gem! We were Fated to find her. Her partner was recommended by my birthing doula, since their office was known for being a bit crunchy and supporting a delayed or no-vaxx schedule. We saw the current MD by chance when Katie was sick, because she was the only one available and found out that we are so very alike.

      I would start with finding local family doctors or pediatricians that support not vaccinating and recommend chiropractic care and alternative or home remedies for children. This should get you on the right path. A good chiropractor or acupuncturist can usually help recommend some doctors too.

      Good luck mama! You can also look into a rotation diet and you may be able to incorporate some foods back in a little earlier than you imagined.

      What Is A Rotation Diet? Part 1

      What Is A Rotation Diet? Part 2

    2. Jennifer@20SomethingAllergies, I work for Genova Diagnostics and am so happy to read a great testimonial from people who’s health has improved because they took action based on the results of our testing! I will be sharing your blog with my colleagues and customers to bring further validation to the work we do.

      To Jennifer, the reader, if you would like some help locating a MD that orders Genova Allergy/Antibody tests in your area, I am more than happy to help.

      In health,

      1. Micah,

        Thank you so much! I’m glad you found me if it helps even one person out there who is struggling. I will be happy to share what I have learned and the results we are seeing with anybody who comes my way. That’s what real food blogging is all about. 🙂

        I am also going to offer rotation diet meal plans in a few months for those who want to undertake a gut healing routine (dairy-,grain-, and allergen-free) if that will help any of your customers. The restrictions that come with overlapping both protocols is pretty rough for a lot of people to handle, and many of them would just like to hand the job over to someone else for awhile!

      2. Micah: I would love information on who can perform this test for my family in the Houston, tx area. How can I learn more? Great post…so interesting to me that even though my daughters standard allergy tests come back clear, she still exhibits food sensitivity. Thanks for talking about this!

        1. Hi Soni,

          Thank you for your interest in Genova Allergy Antibody testing! I would love to connect you with my colleague in Houston so he can point you in the right direction. In the meantime, can I email you some information about our Allergy tests? Feel free to email me at and I can pass your info on to my colleague in Houston as well.

          In health,
          Micah Weathers

        2. Thanks Soni! With this being such a widespread issue, I am always surprised that more allergists aren’t aware of it or don’t believe in it. I’m happy I can help spread the word. Growing up with both classic and latent allergies – or “sensitivities” -, I can promise you that they are both immune reactions and both qualify as allergies from experience.

  3. Are these tests the same as the one where they put the antigens on your skin and measure the diameter of reaction? Or are these just the blood tests? Which is more accurate? Or should you have both done? I’ve had allergy testing done twice before (once when I was about 10 or 11 and then once again when I was 15) and we’re wanting to have more done again now that I’m 18 and about to move to another state in 6 months for college. Any suggestions?

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