GAPS day 28, nothing interesting so a quick update

Real Food Meal Plans for Busy People


• Traditional
• Whole 30
• Gluten & Dairy free
• Paleo or Primal
• Autoimmune Paleo
• Vegetarian


Welcome! I'm Jennifer, the owner & founder of Healing Redefined Holistic Wellness Center, holistic practitioner, and head nutrition nerd here at Healing Redefined.

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Medical Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a physician in matters relating to serious illness and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Medications – You should work closely with your physician to adjust medications as your body heals. Many of you will be able to say goodbye to “maintenance” medication forever but some will not.

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  1. I would love to know more about the amber necklace! I looked at buying one of these: but then didn't follow through because I was skeptical it would help. What has your experience been? PS – My daughter looooves what she calls "fat bites." It kinda grosses me out too, but it's supposed to be so good for them so what the heck. 🙂

  2. Isn't it funny how much we are all overlapping with random items that come up through these GAPS blogs? I love it! I was hesitant also with the necklace. My friend has both the hazelwood [rashes and eczema] and amber [headaches and general achiness] for her youngest son with some serious allergies and swears by them. Hazelaid was sold out of the amber in Katie's size for weeks, so I ended up ordering the hazelwood. It doesn't seem to do too much (super surprised about that), and Katie doesn't like to wear it. I ended up ordering the amber necklace to see if that worked better from Amber Artisans [] and will use them forever! Katie won't take that one off too often. She LOVES it as she tells me daily. 🙂 That tells me a lot, since she's like me and won't wear anything bothersome for any length of time. I don't even wear my wedding rings unless I'm going out. My husband has been pestering me about getting him one now (weird that he's that in tune to be so attracted to one), so I may get one for each of us.

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