What I’m Reading Around the Web (First Trimester Edition) 5-16-2014

Did you catch that? Yep, I’m looking at articles on pregnancy. We are unexpectedly expecting!  After much debate, I had decided I really wanted to adopt our second child. The hubs and I wanted to have a biological child and adopt one, but then we went back and forth on the issue over the last […]

What I’m Reading Around the Web 5-9-2014

Learn what this holistic practitioner is reading about

This week, I found myself drawn to practical articles that help me do something. Whether it’s eradicate the fungus that causes dandruff & cradle cap, sneak more organ meat into our diets (mine included), or ways to relieve health-stealing stress, it caught my attention. Here’s what I’m reading around the web —

What I’m Reading Around the Web 5-2-2014

What I'm Reading Around the Web 5-2-14

This week has been……yeah. Katie caught a cold, and it kind of zapped most of our plans. Lots of nose blowing and nary a babysitter in sight. Not good for a working mama. So, this week I made brownies and had a glass of wine at 2 pm. In my yoga pants. Trying to ignore […]

What I’m Reading Around the Web 4-18-2014

What I'm Reading Around the Web 4-14-2014

I seem to have taken a little hiatus with this series, but it’s back thanks to the productivity tips from Chris Kresser (keep reading for more info). It’s been a super busy and productive week. Thanks to my new sleep patterns, I’m up by 6-6:30 every morning and I can get some reading in before […]

What I’m Reading Around the Web 1-25-2014

This witch doctor has had one crazy week. Between Katie catching a cold (thankfully short-lived) and a family emergency, I didn’t do much besides read, research, wipe a drippy little nose, and brew up remedies. Here’s what caught my attention around the web —

What I’m Reading Around the Web 1-18-2014

What I'm Reading 1-18-2014

In addition to what I share with you on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter throughout the week, I thought you might want to know what caught my interest this week.   Eating more starch and drinking less water are part of my client protocols clients when we’re dealing with metabolic disorders. Lauren of Empowered Sustenance […]