New eBook: Feed your Fertility by Acupuncturist Emily Bartlett

For those of us working to reverse chronic illnesses, hormones are a part of healing. Even if you aren’t trying to conceive, you just can’t achieve optimal health without it. Read on to find out more. Can I take a moment to mention how cute those teeny little toes in the header picture are? Even […]

My Favorite Book Just Got Better!

Your child will only eat 3 foods. You’re pregnant and you want to get your little bean started off right. Or maybe you have no kids and just love fun food. Read our story¬†to find out how we healed over 20 of my daughter’s food allergies and her adrenal fatigue with real food. Whatever your […]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy ‘A Nourished Baby’

What?! Who buys babies?! No, no, no it’s a book…but that did make me giggle a little, especially since we are looking into adopting a child soon. Anywho, Heather Dessinger aka Mommypotamus wrote a spendiferous book on how to nourish babies from pre-conception through adulthood. Read Katie’s story to find out why this information should […]

A Nourished Baby – Why You Need One {and Katie’s Story}

Heather Dessinger, aka the Mommypotamus, is one of my favorite bloggers and has written the most comprehensive book on traditional nutrition for babies available. A Nourished Baby sums up the overall topic but doesn’t convey what the book truly offers. A Nourished Baby¬†includes information on how to feed children ‘sacred foods’ to prevent and heal […]

Pure Salon and Day Spa Review – Thumbs Up!

If you have never been to a day spa, they are just this side of Heaven. If they were free and didn’t include the jolt of reality after you walk back out the door, they would definitely be on the far side of the pearly gates. Pure Salon and Day Spa in Commerce Township, Michigan does […]