GAPS, day 5

Today was another pretty good day. Not perfect, but how can it be with such a limited diet? I COULD NOT have any more broth or anything cooked in it. My body was threatening mutiny. Katie’s loves her meat so is handling it better but has been pretending that her food is myriad versions of […]

GAPS, day 4

Sorry for another word jumble. Once I start feeling really well again, I’ll probably organize my thoughts better. Probably. Yay! Oil pulled today. Either Katie or I weren’t feeling well or needed to eat right away for me to do it earlier in the week. It’s a method of detoxing that I’ve been doing for […]

GAPS, days 2 & 3

I want to try to blog our daily journey through GAPS, since I have friends who aren’t considering it but could benefit and those that are flirting with the idea or are seriously interested…and then I miss day 2. Oops. Well, I’ll do my best. Warning: Fog brain seriously set in today. I’ve been a little, […]

GAPS intro, day 1

It’s official. We’re finally on GAPS ( I have been going crazy trying to figure out the best time to start. Spring? Good time for detox but we might miss all the fresh veggies of summer in our new garden. Fall? Another good time for detox but maybe we’ll miss out on the last of the […]

Fermentation, relactation, and the GAPS diet

Boy have I been a busy girl. In researching this new stage of our getting back to basics style of life, I have restumbled onto the GAPS diet [] and this time it struck a chord. I think a little gut healing is in order for all of us at my house. With Davide’s diabetes, my toxic […]