GAPS day 16, intro…ish?

10:53 am We’d be officially on day 2 of intro if I were strictly following the protocol. The idea teased around in my head all yesterday to keep going, but I just can’t do it. As of right now, we can’t knock out all raw foods. I feel, well, gross by the evening of day one […]

GAPS day 15, stage 1 intro…again

I’m changing up my format a bit and trying to be a little more cohesive – even with the fuzzy die off brain I’ve acquired -, since I may be up to two readers(!) after linking to Baden’s wonderful GAPS blog. She’s a gem for writing a book and keeping a blog to navigate this foreign world we call the […]

GAPS day 14, off the wagon + allergic reaction = stage 1 intro for tomorrow

Well, well, well. I fell off the wagon yesterday and had Wendy’s (yes, absolutely disgusting) and a chai latte plus blueberry scone from Starbucks. I actually managed to wrench back control and turned down the Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich and fries but hubby didn’t hear me before he left. I had some raw (unsoaked) almonds and […]

GAPS day 11, an update on the last few days & Katie progress

SHE WON’T STOP EATING!!! Seriously. Katie just had a chicken thigh, a large zucchini, and an entire skin on apple before deciding she was full enough to go to sleep. That’s not even a huge meal for her. My munchkin lost 2 lbs in the 5 days we were on intro last week. I am pleased and relieved that […]

Full GAPS, Candida style

Saturday I woke up lightheaded and foggy like I seem to be every morning on GAPS but times 3, so Davide checked my glucose level for me. 64. Oops. My body could not handle any animal fat after day 3, so I was working with boiled veggies and a bit of meat here and there, no broth. I […]