Homemade Cough Syrup, Witch Doctor style

I recently added to my witch doctor remedies, voodoo practitioner if you prefer, by brewing up one that remedied a bout of bronchitis that was creeping up on me. There was this nasty cold that I wasn’t taking care of. Hack hack, cough cough. Lo and behold…bronchitis. I stopped coughing within three minutes of taking this, coughed […]

GAPS day 19-22, confessions, Easter and bronchitis

I’ve been off blogging for a few days while hubby was on a four day vacation for Easter. I love those. This will be a somewhat quick update. I am trying to rest as much as possible. Though with an almost three year old at home, it’s not easy. I caught Katie’s cold last week and […]

GAPS day 18, ‘GAPS Kitchen Syndrome’, a virus, and CHICKEN FEET

I have some weird spots popping up the last few days that are small, red, and painful. They are also clear inside where a whitehead would be. I have them mostly on my palms and the underside of my fingers and have about seven of them on my hands today. Nuts? Dairy? Regular die off? […]

GAPS day 17, still intro’ishing it

As I ruminated on and stewed over why I’m diverging off the path of true intro – when I normally tend towards perfectionism -, I think something – or many somethings – must require the enzymes in raw food to heal. Much of the healing the must take place in hubby’s organs to start producing insulin and […]

Eye of Newt and Puppy Dog Tails

I’ve been braving my way into traditional foods recently and am using them to try to heal our guts. Katie’s food allergies, my sugar addiction, and hubby’s diabetes (update on that as soon as we get his latest bloodwork report but he’s off meds and better than I even had hoped) are all symptomatic of gut dysbiosis or […]