3 Signs You Are Healing (even though you feel lousy)

Healing reactions can cause mass frustration. When you aren’t properly educated on what these reactions mean or why they occur, it’s a never-ending cycle of questions, false starts, and unnecessary misery. Is this working? Why do I feel worse? Should I stop?

5 Supplements to Retrain Your Immune System

Note from Jennifer: While I am working on catching up with homework – finals are 2 weeks away!! – and living through a home remodel, I’m happy to have Claire Murray, a naturopath from Australia, share some nutritional therapy from a naturopath’s perspective. Please extend your warmest welcome and make her feel as warm and […]

4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution (in Your Home or Office)

It’s important to reduce exposure to the overwhelming load of toxins we’re exposed to every day. Especially during any healing protocol, do things like choosing natural cleaning and personal care products and minimize how often you bring new furniture or building materials into your home. Instead of emptying your wallet with expensive gadgets and cleaners, there are much easier and […]

New eBook: Feed your Fertility by Acupuncturist Emily Bartlett

For those of us working to reverse chronic illnesses, hormones are a part of healing. Even if you aren’t trying to conceive, you just can’t achieve optimal health without it. Read on to find out more. Can I take a moment to mention how cute those teeny little toes in the header picture are? Even […]

How To Remove Chlorine from Your Water with Vitamin C

Chlorine is one of the many harmful chemicals in our water today. It’s used to kill harmful pathogens in an effort to make water safe to drink. It’s also a known health hazard. Chlorine is reported to increase the incidence of allergies and asthma (1) cause bladder and rectal cancer  (1) damage airways and soft […]

2 Minutes of Stress Relief for Your Busy Day

Stress relief in our fast-paced modern day society is almost a misnomer, and yet stress can be the #1 cause of illness and delayed healing. I make it a key focus in any healing protocol, and it should be an important part of our daily lives. Our Body’s Response to Stress The endocrine system regulates the […]

How to Lose Weight and Have More Energy: At-Home Iodine Protocol

Tired, sluggish, overweight, or irritable? You may have an iodine deficiency. Iodine deficiency is a major cause of thyroid dysfunction and it’s estimated that 95% of people (based on test groups) are deficient in this important nutrient. Do you use iodized salt? Read here to find out why that’s a bad idea. Thyroid Functions increases […]

A Simple Way to Test for Adrenal Fatigue – At Home!

Did you know that there’s a quick and easy test you can do at home to determine adrenal fatigue? As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, this is one of the tools I use to test adrenal function. A quick disclaimer before we start: In order to properly diagnose any condition, please see a qualified medical practitioner (preferably […]