Health Update: Jennifer (moi)

After my near deafening silence of the past couple weeks, I thought I would share what this recent leg of my healing journey has looked like. If you follow me on social media, you may know that I started back on a strict autoimmune Paleo (AIP) diet on Feb. 1. After a full week of […]

GAPS Progress Report 6-17-13

<—— See this guy? Yeah, that’s how I feel. Kinda sheepish. Baaa-aa-aa In the spirit of blogging transparency, I’m going to keep it real. Our diet has been less than stellar over the last week. Takeout was the name of the game most evenings, because I did not feel up to spending time in the […]

The Witch Doctor Gets Schooled (and a health update)

As many of you know from Facebook, I recently started my program to become certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. With the two years that I have been avidly researching and using my friends and family as guinea pigs, I have only scratched the surface of healing with nutrition. In the three weeks since I […]

Getting Better!

Just a quick note to say that I’m starting to feel much better. I got quite a bit of afternoon sunshine yesterday and an Epsom salts detox bath. I think that helped to turn the tide and knock out the virus I’ve been fighting on top of the food reactions. I still feel a bit […]

In A Funk

I cannot believe the blanket of crabbiness that has been draped over me for the last week. I can’t seem to kick it, and it seems to come in waves. I know the cause is somewhere between what I am eating and possible detox from all of the extra ferments. My most prominent symptoms are dark […]

We’re Almost Back To Good And An Update On Ferments

Well, hello dry and boring update. The cleansing day on Monday really made a difference in how we slept and woke up on Tuesday. I am still slightly short-tempered and fatigued, and Katie is occasionally whiny. Otherwise, it was almost a miraculous difference in how we felt. I’m not sure if our current ickiness is […]

It’s A Cleansing Day

Hey look! Another brain fog post. 😉 Over the Easter holiday weekend, we ate mostly prepared foods (things like Applegate Farm beef hot dogs and roasted turkey lunch meat, Tings, and potato chips) to make running around easier and to give me a break from cooking. I had a major hiccup and even had fudge […]

Fermentation, relactation, and the GAPS diet

Boy have I been a busy girl. In researching this new stage of our getting back to basics style of life, I have restumbled onto the GAPS diet [] and this time it struck a chord. I think a little gut healing is in order for all of us at my house. With Davide’s diabetes, my toxic […]