An Overview of the GAPS Diet: FREE Video Series

Note from Jennifer: Lauren from Mindful Mama is back with this fantastic presentation on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome healing protocol. If you missed her family’s GAPS success story, you can find it here. The GAPS diet has offered our family much-needed hope when we were stuck (and getting sicker) in our current state of […]

A Week of Eating on the GAPS Diet

I jotted down what we ate for a couple of days last week to give you a broad idea of what kind of food lines our bellies over here while our diet is restricted. It’s not a full list, but I made notes when I had the time. My schedule is so full of overflow […]

A Peek into Day 1 of the GAPS Diet

(source) To give you an idea of what we ate on Day 1 of the GAPS Diet Revisited, I’ll share a peek into our menu. This is a look at full GAPS, but a new round of GAPS for us always includes plenty of foods recommended for GAPS intro.

My Reasons for Revisiting the GAPS Diet: GAPS as a Fertility Diet?

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks What’s with the eggs, witch doctor? Well, that’s one of the reasons we have decided to revisit the GAPS Diet. We have decided to have another bonny little baby. I started introducing fertility foods a few weeks ago to build up my nutrient stores and prepare my body to nourish another little one. […]

Freezer Cooking: The Secret to Success on the GAPS Diet

Image Credit: Cara at Heath, Home, and Happiness One of the most successful things you can do to prepare for the GAPS Diet is to prepare food ahead of time. No matter if you are feeling ill, have a late night at work, or are too busy to prepare a meal, you’ll always have something […]

Gearing Up for GAPS

Image Credit: We will collectively begin the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol on Monday, May 13. That will give us 2 weeks to get any needed materials, do some food prep, and start the process of weeding out the foods that we will avoid during the healing process. The Plan

The GAPS Diet Revisited

There has been mad scrambling over here recently in preparation of a huge new project, both in my home and with the blog. We are going on the GAPS Diet again. If you haven’t read my GAPS ramblings from when I started my blog, you can find them here. Be forewarned, they are indeed the […]