Herbal Powerhouse Healing Tea

Herbal Powerhouse Healing Tea

Nettles have been a staple in my herbal and nutrition-based kitchen for some time. Thanks to the size of my pantry stash, my husband keeps telling me we’re going to be raided for selling marijuana. :snort: They’re a nutritional powerhouse and a great herb to start with for newbies. We’re going to pair it with raspberry leaf in the […]

Top 5 Immune Boosting Supplements: Magnesium

Americans are chronically low in magnesium. The signs are everywhere with all of the road rage, abuse, high blood pressure, and stress that people live with on a daily basis. It’s most well known as the calming nutrient because of its ability to relax muscles, help us sleep, regulate hormones, relax blood vessels, and relieve depression. […]

Top 5 Immune-Boosting Supplements: Iodine

We’ve reached Day 4 of our mini-series on Real Food Supplements. Iodine is one that you are likely familiar with but don’t know much about. Since you are now eating unrefined salt that isn’t supplemented with iodine, it is even more important to eat foods that naturally contain this important element. And isn’t it better to get nutrients in […]

Top 5 Immune-Boosting Supplements: Vitamin K2 (Dr. Price’s Activator X)

Day 3 of talking about real food supplements, and it seems to be a popular topic. Today, we’ll discuss Vitamin K2. Vitamin K is not usually something you’ll hear much about unless you’re giving birth, and it’s only a quick blurb about the Vitamin K1 shot for blood clotting. As a side note, eating food […]

Top 5 Immune-Boosting Supplements: Whole Food Vitamin C

We’re on our second Top 5 Real Food Supplement. “C is for cookie. That’s good enough me. Oh, C is for…” Wait. I think I got distracted. We’re here to talk about the immune-boosting and all around popular antioxident¬†Vitamin C.¬†I, of the original Sesame Street generation and having a 4-year-old, break out in Cookie Monster’s […]

Top 5 Immune-Boosting Supplements: Cod Liver Oil

Mmmmm. Cod liver oil. The supplement that us real foodies have a love/hate relationship with. If you would rather jump out the window than swallow a spoonful, you can always hide it in a smoothie or rub it on your bum. No seriously! IT WORKS. Applying cod liver oil topically (to the skin) has been […]

Kombucha & how to pronounce it

Reading a friend’s post today made me want to broach the topic of kombucha. Many of you are familiar with it but there are a fair number not steeped in this crunchy REAL FOOD world who just said “Kombucha? Um, bless you.” Don’t worry. We’ll uncover the mysteries of this miracle drink. I think it […]