Genova Diagnostics Allergy Test – Katie

It is finally time to finish posting the allergy test trilogy that we started back in, ahem, February. I have referenced a faxed copy of Katie’s test since February but didn’t want to share until I could post the full-color original. I admit with chagrin that it took until a couple of weeks ago to pick up hubby’s […]

Genova Diagnostics Allergy Test – Jennifer

Note: I am woeful about rereading and editing this post, so I will come back to it at a later date. For now, I’m just tired of working on it. Please ignore my grammatical and writing style errors in the meantime. 🙂 My doctor recently recommended that I have an allergy test done. Though we’ve […]

A List of Katie’s Food Allergies/Intolerances

Update: This list was compiled before Katie’s allergy test. Once we received her test results, changed to a rotation diet, and started digestive enzymes, her range of allowable foods widened comsiderably. 1.       Dairy 2.       Wheat 3.       Soy 4.       Eggs 5.       Onion 6.       Garlic 7.       Tomato 8.       Pork 9.       Fish 10.   Bananas 11.   Peanuts 12.   Tree […]