Where you can find me lately…

Even though I haven’t blogged much lately with my crazy schedule, you can always find me hanging around the social media sphere. My new obsession is Instagram. I love connecting with friends, clients, and readers, and it’s such a fun way to see what everyone is doing. Come meet up with me at http://instagram.com/20somethingallergies! (It’s a smartphone […]

Your Favorite Posts of 2012 (and one of mine)

Things have been super busy in the background here at 20 something allergies. I am working on getting our healing protocol and diet back on track and taking it to the next level, getting the nuts and bolts of my business license and all that fun stuff set up for the new Etsy store (I […]

Favorite Things in November

I love the holidays.¬†This year, Katie was able to join the fun of making agnolotti for the first time. What a huge healing milestone. My in-laws are from Italy and have pared down the weekly tradition of pasta making into a yearly tradition of making one giant batch of meat-stuffed ravioli (called agnolotti in the […]

Great Moments in October

Pumpkin spice chocolate covered pumpkin seeds

October has been a pretty great month for us. We have had a lot of fun trying new recipes with the spices – recipes to come – from our Mountain Rose Herbs seasoning blends giveaway¬†(ends 10/31) and enjoying the transition to fall. Thanks to Katie’s new tooth healing regimen (post on that coming soon), she […]