Homemade All-Purpose Scrub

Why use expensive chemicals to clean?    We began replacing harsh chemical cleaners with natural ones a few years ago. I was always put off from the harsh burning smell of cleaning chemicals and cover perfumes, and I can remember trying to hold my breath as much as possible while cleaning even as a teenager. […]

December Deep Clean, Week 1 Plan

Here is this week’s cleaning list. For full explanations of what things like detail dusting are and why I dust mop the walls, see the FlyLady’s website. She gives wonderfully detailed instructions that will allow you to tweak the cleaning to your needs. These lists may require some adjustments as I go through them. I apparently didn’t finish my control journal, ahem. […]

FlyLady December Deep Clean – Get your Home Ready for the Holidays!

During the month of December, I will complete a floor to ceiling deep clean of my home to get ready for Christmas and the new year ala FlyLady. The FlyLady is Marla Cilley, an amazing woman who selflessly shares her tips for organizing and cleaning and has built a conglomeration of self-help gurus freely offering helpful information […]