Dark Days Challenge – S.O.L.E. Roasted Chicken with Brussels Sprouts, Green Beans, Potatoes, and DUCK FAT!

   the last local organic pastured chicken from my freezer roasted to optimal crispy skin deliciousness      local, organic Brussels sprouts roasted in yep, you guessed it, duck fat      the non-local dish: organic haricots verts sauteed in duck fat (we like them well done) lovely local, […]

Dark Days Challenge – S.O.L.E. Chicken with Onion Salad

S.O.L.E. sustainable organic local ethical My first contribution to S.O.L.E. cooking is a dish of boiled chicken, a dollop of chicken schmaltz, and a simple salad of sliced onions and parsley (Celtic sea salt and Bariani olive oil from California are non-local additions). Through my real food journey, I have learned that meals do not have to be […]

What is a Locavore? The Dark Days Challenge

With all the new buzzwords, it can be hard to keep up. Locavore, ustainable, eco-friendly, WAPF, traditional foods, lacto-fermented, and slow food are some of the terms that are becoming important to people tired of the mass-produced everything in our lives. What is a locavore? Taking things one step further, a locavore is someone who strives to […]