Flower Essences: 7 All-Natural Remedies for Happier Kids (and Parents)

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  1. How important is it that the remedy be an EXACT match for the symptoms, as it is with homeopathic remedies? Looking at the remedies above, I am uncertain which one (out of 2 or 3) to give my toddler (and a toddler doesn’t quite exhibit some of the attributes listed above, as he isn’t talking yet and so forth). If I chose the “wrong” one to begin with, would it not work at all? Or would any of the 2 or 3 I’m considering give us some benefits?

    1. I find flower essences to be much easier to match. Since there are only 38 remedies, each one covers a range of symptoms. I highly recommend the book I referenced to help choose blends, but, if you would like to try the remedies out first before committing, choose one that seems like it would give the most benefit. There are 32 other single essences than what I mentioned here, so I would check them all out before making a decision if your gut instinct doesn’t draw you to one initially.

      Children are also wonderfully intuitive and you munchkin may be able to pick the right one if they are all in from of him/her.

      If the remedy isn’t the right one, it will act the same as a homeopathic remedy and not show any changes.

      If you’re totally confused, leave me a comment with the behaviors you are trying to moderate and I’ll give you some direction. I can also create an individual blend after an interview and questionnaire to determine which essences are right.

  2. Hi, I love your descriptions of the remedies. I have an almost 3 year old highly sensitive little girl. She is wonderful a times and very challenging as well. I have been searching the internet for months and months looking for some advice on parenting a highly sensitive toddler. Almost all the information is for children that are older. I have purchased Mimulus and The Resue Remedy for her. I use the Rescue Remedy often and have defiantly seen a drastic improvement in her. She would not leave the house because she was soo fearful of people with eyeglasses (not sun glasses). She is terrified of hospitals, casts, band aids, eye glasses, vets, etc. Anything to do with something or someone not being “well”. I gave her the Mimulus but really didn’t notice any difference with her. I am wondering if I need to continually give it to her four times a day two drops at a time to see a difference? Also, is it safe for a almost 3 year old. The lady at the health food store said it is safe for her, but I want to make sure before I give it to her that many times a day. I stay at home wit her and cannot get her to go to play groups, parks, play dates, etc. I really am hoping if you can give me some more clear instructions how to you mimulus to our advantage. Thanks!

    1. Hey Laura! I’m sorry for the delay in my reply. I was on maternity leave. Flower essences are completely safe. You can read my 101 post for more info on how they work. Instead of giving her so many drops, try adding them to her water. She will get the benefits I find that they’re more effective, because our bodies respond to the remedies better when properly hydrated and she would be getting them more consistently throughout the day. If you are concerned about the alcohol it’s preserved in, you can add the drops to a large glass or pitcher of water and leave it uncovered overnight so the alcohol will dissipate.

      An alternative to her taking them internally is to place them directly on her skin where it is thinnest like the inside of her elbow.

      A couple more things to look into is The Child Whisperer (affiliate link). This book tells you the basics of energy profiling and can help you understand her nature and better honor how she thinks, acts, and feels. It was life changing for me and my family. The core essence of my daughter’s fears were a result of chronic gut inflammation brought on by allergens and chronic digestive dysfunction. The gut and brain are closely tied together, and the brain is often a large beacon of what’s happening in the gut.

      Essential oils have been wonderful also. Young Living’s Valor blend was particularly helpful for calming fears at bedtime and while we were out in public.

  3. ps I should prob mention that her diet is amazing and she is very healthy. She even takes moringa on a daily basis and we do not let her eat processed foods, or junk, sugar etc. She has an older brother who is allowed to eat treats and so she sometimes gets a hold of some. She loves her vegetables and I have don’t a lot of research on specific vitamins that she needs to help her highly sensitive self. I know diet is a HUGE cause for so many behavioural problems but I have ruled this out for her. Thanks again.

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