Where’d She Go?

It’s been very quiet around here this week! We have been hit with

…dun dun dun…

our first virus of the season. Oh goody goody.

I exposed us during our last homeschool playdate to a particularly nasty virus, and it took hold with me on Sunday (raw milk and cinnamon kept me from getting it before but I was out of milk this time), then Katie joined me on Tuesday.

All in all, we survived it quite well due to healthier immune systems and witch doctor remedies. My adrenal glands took the biggest hit and I was quite tired all week. Right now, I’m trying to get rid of Katie’s cough that cropped up yesterday so it doesn’t turn into bronchitis.

I will have the winter skin balm recipe up in a couple of days so stick around for that. It has been invaluable for preventing sore and chapped noses this week. Perfect for eczema and sensitive, ultra dry, or aging skin, this stuff is amazing. I’m happy to say that after scouring the Internet, I haven’t found another like it.

I’ll be back raring and ready to go next week. Talk to you all soon!

2 thoughts on “Where’d She Go?”

  • We saw my niece and nephew who are chronically ill it seems on Sunday not intentionally. Wll they were ill yet again. Wednesday my oldest woke up with a congested nose and has had one since even though we eat very clean, lots of raw milk, raw yogurt. I was even giving her extra FCLO and elderberry, raw honey and cinnamon. I have been dosing everyone with extra FCLO and elderberry. Hopefully my 14mo will stay in the clear. Nursing is so hard when congested. I wish my older child would drink my witch doctor teas. So frustrating. Well that and people who feed their children junk so they are chronically ill then look at you like you’re the crazy one for not vaccinating your kids.

    • It’s definitely frustrating when our little ones get sick from ‘conventional’ kids. My daughter loves her teas, because she gets to smell each ingredient and make up her own. If you’d like to introduce her to teas another way, you could try buying a few herbals and some white tea and then let your daughter smell each one to discover which ones she likes. White tea and rose hips is a favorite here.

      Good luck keeping the germs at bay, fellow witch doctor!

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