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What I'm Reading Around the Web 1-25-14

This witch doctor has had one crazy week. Between Katie catching a cold (thankfully short-lived) and a family emergency, I didn’t do much besides read, research, wipe a drippy little nose, and brew up remedies.

Here’s what caught my attention around the web —

  • This article at that explains why eating close to home is so important. I’m a big advocate of eating locally and knowing your farmers (hi Jean!). Ben does a fantastic job explaining just why we should eat from an ‘ecologically sound’ perspective and even breaks down the price difference. Loved it.


  • Chiot’s Run is one of my favorite blogs. I originally started following when I started gardening, but her simple, beautiful message epitomizes all that is good with the world. No really, it’s really fantastic. This post on homemade lasagne was completely inspiring and gives me the warm fuzzies like a good cup of tea. I want to be this awesome.


  • Mickey from Autoimmune Paleo is trialing the 21 Day Sugar Detox, so I’m glued to her experience from an AIP standpoint. This needs to happen at my house. The amount of cheating lately is ridonkulous.

Thankfully, I started my day with a huge veggie juice and am cooking up every vegetable in my kitchen to make up for it. A massaged kale salad and roasted Brussels sprouts are top of today’s yum list.

If you don’t have this book yet, it converted every single family member into Paleo sweetists (is that a word?) after I made salted caramel chocolate cups at Christmas.

salted caramel chocolate cups


  • Here’s an interesting post from Elana’s Pantry on low-dose naltrexone for the management of autoimmune disease. There’s always a natural equivalent to a pharmaceutical, so I’m on the hunt to see if it can helpful to my clients.


  • An interesting take on internal parasites from Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple. Alternative medicine is not for the faint of heart.


  • I love this take on frozen herbal infusions for sore throats over at Mommypotamus. I would recommend making the final product without dairy or nuts (not optimal foods for a struggling immune system), but the herbal mixture gets a big thumbs up.


  • The absolute best part of the week was getting my review copy of The Paleo Approach* by Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom. It is the most comprehensive book I’ve seen yet for healing and managing chronic diseases, and the information is completely consistent with my approach.

It’s also Katie’s newest homeschool text. This girl is a nutrition nerd just like her mommy, even at 5 years old. Her review — “Mom, this just blows my mind! It’s what you teach!” Love, love, love my baby girl.

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